Union Vs Confederate Essay

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Final Copy The weapons of the union and confederate that they used during the civil war were closely similar. However the union had many advantages like the industrial system and others. The union had the better weapons then the confederate. The union was superior to the confederacy in almost every way they could they had better factories, a lot more soldiers, and incredibly advanced technology. Epically when compared to the confederates weapons, soldiers and such to the northern. The union won the civil war do to their high-tech weapons that beat the confederates own weapons. The union had the numbers, with twenty-one million people in their twenty-three states. The confederate only had nine million and an additional three point five million slaves in their eleven confederate states. The union was one of the largest in the industrial …show more content…

The Confederate sadly on had on very tiny powder mill before the Civil war started so they were a bit behind when the Civil War started. The confederate unlike the union did not have the repeater rifle like the north did. The Confederate did have the cannons and rifles to help them out (Steven Channing 64-65).
With the new types of rifles, musket, and the brand new repeater type guns the tactics of their war would have to change to fit the new equipment the Union and the Confederate both had. They both had to start to get rid of the old styles and make new ones (Gregory Jaynes 96-97). The first were an irregular skirmish-style attack on the other. Defensibly both sides did the same thing that the other did. That was to dig in and defend (Steven Channing 64-65). The final type of tactic that was used in the Civil war and to be used in the later wars of the world is to trench warfare along with other styles

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