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  • Guns And Gun Control

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    101-103 Gun Laws 3/11/18 Guns have been a part of our society in America since its birth. The Second Amendment of the United States protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights. Throughout history, citizens of America have used for many different reasons. They have used firearms to protect the nation, protect their families, hunt for food and engage in sporting activities. The issue of Guns and

  • Essay On Guns In School

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    need a gun to protect myself at school” . Parents obviously seeking only to protect their children will proceed to buy their child an assault rifle as humble means of protection. The problem faced with guns in schools is that not all parents can afford to go out and buy an AR-15 for their

  • Gun Violence Prevention

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    providers can contribute to gun violence prevention, especially among the youth. According to Ariel A Williamson, Nancy G. Guerra, and W. Douglas Tynan (2014:93), “Across settings, health and mental health care providers can prevent youth gun violence by assessing for youth risk factors and by providing basic counseling and education about gun safety to children, youth, and their families.” Research portrayed declining numbers of youth gun violence when children were educated about gun safety (Williamson

  • Gun Violence Essay

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    environment such as gun violence and gun violence may lead to death. This violence can destroy a kid's mindset and mold them to be someone different from what they were raised to be. While gun laws over gun control have been changing, they are still causing multiple problems for individuals such as children, and causing mental health issues for them in the future. Tragically, a lot of children’s environments cause them to grow up with mental health issues, which may lead them to gun violence. When children

  • Gun Control In Universities

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    University Gun Control: A Tale of Three Stories Only a few decades ago the topic of gun control on universities was non-existent. It was a given that the possession of firearms was not only allowed but required as per the government and university legislation being that having a prepared militia at that point in time was a necessity. Given a drastic change in circumstances a century and a few decades’ later, weapons were completely prohibited from universities. In the past two decades alone catastrophic

  • Essay On Gun Crimes

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    the past few decades gun crimes have wreaked havoc on American society. Parents are teaching children as young as the age of 6 to shoot and hunt with high powered rifles and shotgun weaponry. No study has been proven to show that these types of behaviors lead to future school shootings or higher teen gun crime rates. Many gun owning adults feel that it is best to educate your children about guns and their importance, while many others see guns in a darker aspect. Nonetheless, gun use in the United

  • Berlow Gun Control

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    Persuading the Public on Increasing Gun Control The article Who the N.R.A. Really Speaks For is written by Alan Berlow who has had writing appear in Harper’s and Atlantic Monthly, and is the author of Dead Season: A Story of Murder and Revenge. The target audience for this article is people who have more liberal views that have the ability to change the way the N.R.A. functions. This article was published in The New York Times soon after the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon

  • Gun Violence Misconceptions

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    There are a lot of misconceptions of gun violence and how it correlates to the mentally ill population. A 2011-2013 survey shows that people believe that gun violence is more likely to occur due to someone who is mentally ill rather than someone having an easy time buying a weapon. One of the first things people think about when the hear the latest mass shooting news is that the perpetrator had to have been someway mentally ill. They take this statement, twist it, and then say that all those who

  • Why Guns Are Bad

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    you feel unwanted. Guns are not a bad thing they’re pros and cons of having guns. Some pros are protection and hunting. Some of the cons of owning a gun are kids getting into them, people using them for the wrong purpose, and threatening the good people for things with them. There are plenty of people who need guns for hunting, they need a gun to shoot animals so their family can eat. Guns, to me, are not a bad thing. I use a gun for hunting. I could never see myself using a gun to hurt a human being

  • Teachers With Guns In School

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    Teachers with guns could possibly cause an increase in the amount of violence that happens in their classrooms. The fact of violence in their classrooms, for example, "what happens when a triggerhappy teacher what happens when a teacher wrongly identifies a threat and shoots an innocent person?” (" Even in a teacher 's hand, guns don 't belong in school" ). Human are humans. We can make mistakes, a teacher has a gun in their classroom, is more probable that students could be injured. Teachers are

  • Gun Ownership Essay

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    The issue of gun ownership has been mentioned for many times. The greatest reason of it is that many people are worried about their safety, and carrying firearm is one of the most certain way to keep their safety. Korean National Police Agency (2016) stated that the three most common places which frequently occur violent crimes during 2011-2014 were street, Apartment, and detached house. This statistics implies that recently serious offences such as murder or robbery were arisen in ordinary spaces

  • Essay On Guns On Campus

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    be allowed to carry guns on college campuses has two very different sides. One side of the argument revolves around the Second Amendment and personal freedom. The other side of the debate fears guns being allowed on college campuses is a recipe for disaster. Taking both sides into account, the question of whether or not guns belong on college campuses remains. Do guns being on college campuses protect students and faculty or put them in harm’s way? While the argument for guns on campus can be compelling

  • Gun Rights Persuasion

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    In the article, The Argument Gun Rights Supporters Can’t Respond To published by Current Affairs and written by Nathan J. Robinson, provides readers with avid arguments towards the support of gun control. Robinson compares guns to a “magic death app” and destroys every argument made by gun rights supporters. I agree with every statement that Robinson made despite the absurdity of them. I especially appreciated the statement “If someone had a button on his desk with a skull and crossbones on it

  • Essay On Gun Violence

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    Distributive Justice Resource: This assignment will examine guns and their involvement in our common good. Guns are said to be important for the common good, mostly when discussing people who are located in the south. “Self defense is a fundamental right,” says the National Rifle Associations Institute for Legislative Action.” —— This phrase is one of many that is referred to when people discuss the good that guns bring to our society. The right to bear arms for self defense is protected on all states

  • Essay On Gun Violence

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    Title: Gun Violence As I write this introduction, I am like millions of others watching the tragedy in Louisiana and Alabama caused by hurricane Katrina. A small but important part of the devastation and the challenge is the existence of individuals and groups of citizens from the area mostly impacted by the storm who used guns against their neighbours and those attempting to assist them. In any other industrialised nation, this will never happen because it will eventually cause the

  • The Consequences Of Gun Violence

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    It has become the norm in the Chicagoland area to hear about the daily senseless deaths due to gun violence. I often think about how gun violence is heavily embedded within the American society and how it is desensitizing the next generation. The consequences that arise from such tragedies has contributed to the build-up of security in public areas nationwide, yet does not fortify the laws to prevent such unnecessary actions from occurring again. Unfortunately, Chicago is not the only city with

  • Essay On Gun Violence

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    Gun Violence Gun violence is a type of violence that involves the use of a firearm. In cases like suicides or attempted suicides, gun violence may not be considered a crime. It is a problem, principally in the United States of America, that is taking lives and putting people in a state of constant fear and danger. It introduces dread to simple and common tasks, for example, going to school, going grocery shopping, et cetera. It is a current issue that needs immediate attention and immediate termination

  • Gun Control And Gun Safety

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    There are many opinions on gun control and gun control safety issues. Laws vary between government and states. There are some states that require a resident to register all firearms while other states prohibit the registration of firearms. What should be allowed or not allowed is not the people’s choice, rather, it’s the government that is in control. For example, some states allow a person to openly carry a firearm while other states allow carrying a concealed weapon. Firearms have been used for

  • Essay On Gun Violence

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    being the only form of violence in this country today. The matter concerning acts of gun violence has hit an epidemic high in the country with more school mass shootings reporting in the past 3 years than ever before in American History. Understanding how this plays into the role in psychiatry today and the role that mental illness plays is very much needed. With a fundamentally flawed Mental Health system, more gun related violence has been rising. In Wolpert’s article he quotes Swanson a professor

  • Gun-Personal Narrative

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    to find out what the brawl was about. After a couple minutes passed the two men began to get louder and a fight broke out. Back and forth, the two men exchanged punches and one man was tackled to the ground. The stronger man got up and pulled out a gun and began to shoot the other man. Corey could tell that the man who was shot was instantly killed. He was now a witness to a fatal shooting crime. Residing in the neighborhood he was born in, he was told to never report to the police when he saw a crime