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  • Guns And Gun Control

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    101-103 Gun Laws 3/11/18 Guns have been a part of our society in America since its birth. The Second Amendment of the United States protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights. Throughout history, citizens of America have used for many different reasons. They have used firearms to protect the nation, protect their families, hunt for food and engage in sporting activities. The issue of Guns and

  • Essay On Guns In School

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    need a gun to protect myself at school” . Parents obviously seeking only to protect their children will proceed to buy their child an assault rifle as humble means of protection. The problem faced with guns in schools is that not all parents can afford to go out and buy an AR-15 for their

  • Gun Violence Prevention

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    providers can contribute to gun violence prevention, especially among the youth. According to Ariel A Williamson, Nancy G. Guerra, and W. Douglas Tynan (2014:93), “Across settings, health and mental health care providers can prevent youth gun violence by assessing for youth risk factors and by providing basic counseling and education about gun safety to children, youth, and their families.” Research portrayed declining numbers of youth gun violence when children were educated about gun safety (Williamson

  • Gun Control In Universities

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    University Gun Control: A Tale of Three Stories Only a few decades ago the topic of gun control on universities was non-existent. It was a given that the possession of firearms was not only allowed but required as per the government and university legislation being that having a prepared militia at that point in time was a necessity. Given a drastic change in circumstances a century and a few decades’ later, weapons were completely prohibited from universities. In the past two decades alone catastrophic

  • Essay On Guns On Campus

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    be allowed to carry guns on college campuses has two very different sides. One side of the argument revolves around the Second Amendment and personal freedom. The other side of the debate fears guns being allowed on college campuses is a recipe for disaster. Taking both sides into account, the question of whether or not guns belong on college campuses remains. Do guns being on college campuses protect students and faculty or put them in harm’s way? While the argument for guns on campus can be compelling

  • Gun Rights Persuasion

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    In the article, The Argument Gun Rights Supporters Can’t Respond To published by Current Affairs and written by Nathan J. Robinson, provides readers with avid arguments towards the support of gun control. Robinson compares guns to a “magic death app” and destroys every argument made by gun rights supporters. I agree with every statement that Robinson made despite the absurdity of them. I especially appreciated the statement “If someone had a button on his desk with a skull and crossbones on it

  • Persuasive Gun Control

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    “Yes, people pull the trigger - but guns are the instrument of death. Gun control is necessary, and delay means more death and horror.” ("Eliot Spitzer." Xplore Inc, 2016. 28, September 2016.) The quote is explaining how guns can lead to many deaths, and the longer gun control is not enforced, as a result more deaths and tragedy there occur. Gun control has been a topic debated for years and still continuing, the same goes to protests. Many crimes are happening around the country

  • Essay On Gun Violence

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    Title: Gun Violence As I write this introduction, I am like millions of others watching the tragedy in Louisiana and Alabama caused by hurricane Katrina. A small but important part of the devastation and the challenge is the existence of individuals and groups of citizens from the area mostly impacted by the storm who used guns against their neighbours and those attempting to assist them. In any other industrialised nation, this will never happen because it will eventually cause the

  • Gun Control And Gun Safety

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    There are many opinions on gun control and gun control safety issues. Laws vary between government and states. There are some states that require a resident to register all firearms while other states prohibit the registration of firearms. What should be allowed or not allowed is not the people’s choice, rather, it’s the government that is in control. For example, some states allow a person to openly carry a firearm while other states allow carrying a concealed weapon. Firearms have been used for

  • Teachers With Guns In School

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    Teachers with guns could possibly cause an increase in the amount of violence that happens in their classrooms. The fact of violence in their classrooms, for example, "what happens when a triggerhappy teacher what happens when a teacher wrongly identifies a threat and shoots an innocent person?” (" Even in a teacher 's hand, guns don 't belong in school" ). Human are humans. We can make mistakes, a teacher has a gun in their classroom, is more probable that students could be injured. Teachers are

  • Gun Control And Gun Rights

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    Gun Laws According to the Second Amendment in the Constitution, the citizens have the right to possess and bear arms. But, this has remained an important issue since decades. Issues such as gun control and gun rights have remained a matter of debate and have been lobbying around in the Congress meetings. This has resulted in the immense debate about the mass shooting that have become a frequent crime in the United States. In 2015 alone there have been 351 mass shootings. Freedom is a very important

  • Gun Laws and Gun Control

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    Concealed Weapons The gun laws and restrictions have become a very controversial topic in the world today. The people of the United States are nearly spilt on whether or not there should be stricter gun laws, but more people lean towards the stricter side of the line. Although many would argue that stronger gun laws will increase crimes, stricter gun control legislation is an attack on the 2nd Amendment, and there can be no ‘Partial Restriction’ of fundamental rights. Many people question

  • Why Is Gun Control Bad

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    Are guns really the problem? That is the question that comes to some people 's minds when someone thinks of gun control. If someone is being rude to someone else and they person being offended decides to blame the “offensive” clothes and not the rude comments. They decide to blame the problems on the clothes that the person is wearing. Then, is it really the clothes or the rude comments. The problems with gun control are seen the same way. If a teenager gets mad and decides to shoot a school, it

  • Guns Should Be Allowed In Schools

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    against it can result in death. That equipment are guns. When people threaten the school with guns and violence, then we the students and staff need to be ready to counter the intruder. If we do not counter the intruder there could be injuries and even death. There are many dangers in schools this generation. There’s a chance that strangers just walking into any school they want and causing a massacre. Specific people should be designated to carry guns in schools to allow us to fight an intruder instead

  • The Pros And Cons Of Guns In Schools

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    violence is giving teachers guns in their classroom, and it has become a hot topic in Washington recently. Teachers in the United States should not have guns in the classroom because students could accidentally get ahold of the gun, teachers have to leave their students in order to find the intruder, and there are already many everyday items that teachers need in their classrooms rather than firearms. Teachers in the United States should not

  • Gun Violence And Gun Control

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    Running head: GUN VIOLENCE GUN VIOLENCE What Changes Should Be Made Cassius A. Kurns Jr Mr. Redmond Leo High School A way that we can decrease gun violence is have a stricter sale on firearms. Loopholes now exist in the background check system that make it possible for people with criminal records or mental health issues to procure guns. For instance, a gun purchased over the Internet or from a private individual at a gun show is not subject to a background check because neither

  • The Importance Of Gun Violence In Schools

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    Gun Violence and Mental Health: Teachers and Staff Should Not Carry Guns in Schools When people started shooting students and staff at schools nobody knew what to do, but they knew that a change needed to be made. With all of the tragedies that keep happening in school campuses there is a debate on what that changes should be. Some say that teachers and staff should have guns in school premises to protect students from an intruder and prevent another horrible incident like the Columbine, Sandy

  • Gun Violence In South Florida

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    Countless children die in South Florida by the result of gun violence. According to Miami Herald "Gun violence in Miami-Dade has killed a total of 18 children in the last 11 years." Miami is one of the most dangerous cities in America for children and has remained top five in the last decade. Gun violence has recently become a big issue in South Florida for various reasons. The three main reasons are gangs, accessibility of weapons, and irresponsibility of parents. Gangs have been around Miami

  • Persuasive Essay On No Guns For Teachers

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    No Guns for Teachers Guns are incredibly dangerous. Why should teachers have them in schools? This is a much debated question with two very opposing opinions. All things considered, teachers should most definitely not have guns in schools because injury could be caused, it is not teachers’ jobs to protect students, and having guns on school grounds would inflict fear among the students. Thinking protectively, some schools allow teachers to have guns in the classroom. Though they have good intent

  • Argumentative Essay On Guns In Schools

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    Today, there is a worrying trend of increased violence in schools that involves the use of guns. The natures of these crimes have resulted in loss of many innocent lives. While people are still trying to come to terms with the heinous nature of these crimes and devastating consequences of their aftermath, there is a widespread debate that rages on, on what could be the solution to this crisis (Anderson 504). Numerous ideas have been suggest including arming teachers and other civilians in schools