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  • Gun Violence: The Causes Of Gun Shootings

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    have to be scared of getting killed by some crazy person carrying a gun. When going out to do everyday things, how is there a guaranteed a shooting won't occur? Why do we have to carry guns to feel safe? Why do we have to debate on having to teach our kids to use a gun ¨just in case?¨ Why isn't there stricter laws on guns? How many more shooting does there have to be in order for there to be a harder way for anyone to get a gun? Since Sandy Hook,2012, there has been more that 1,600 mass shootings

  • Gun Control: Are Guns Really The Problem?

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    Are guns really the problem? That is the question that comes to some people 's minds when someone thinks of gun control. If someone is being rude to someone else and they person being offended decides to blame the “offensive” clothes and not the rude comments. They decide to blame the problems on the clothes that the person is wearing. Then, is it really the clothes or the rude comments. The problems with gun control are seen the same way. If a teenager gets mad and decides to shoot a school, it

  • Guns And Gun Control

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    101-103 Gun Laws 3/11/18 Guns have been a part of our society in America since its birth. The Second Amendment of the United States protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights. Throughout history, citizens of America have used for many different reasons. They have used firearms to protect the nation, protect their families, hunt for food and engage in sporting activities. The issue of Guns and

  • Essay On Gun Violence

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    Title: Gun Violence As I write this introduction, I am like millions of others watching the tragedy in Louisiana and Alabama caused by hurricane Katrina. A small but important part of the devastation and the challenge is the existence of individuals and groups of citizens from the area mostly impacted by the storm who used guns against their neighbours and those attempting to assist them. In any other industrialised nation, this will never happen because it will eventually cause the

  • Essay On Guns In Germany

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    Introduction: Guns are part of the daily life of lots of Americans and Germans. Although there are major differences within the gun usage. I got to this topic because of my exchange year in the USA 2013/2014. The differences in between the differences in the gun usage confronted me on the first day. Having guns standing right next to the front door or not having them fully saved in the back of the car can be completely normal, while Germans are saving their guns to their best standard in a safe

  • Gun Violence

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    the security personnel. People who are in the campus feel danger and fears from the weapon of the gun. students use their gun on campus to save own life once there is no security personnel, therefore the demand for the self-defense has grown significantly in various campuses. There are three different articles, but these have same point that is antagonizing of the gun on campus. In article of “Guns, Campuses and Madness”, Frank Bruni thinks that how the students of the University of Texas think

  • Gun Control And Gun Safety

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    There are many opinions on gun control and gun control safety issues. Laws vary between government and states. There are some states that require a resident to register all firearms while other states prohibit the registration of firearms. What should be allowed or not allowed is not the people’s choice, rather, it’s the government that is in control. For example, some states allow a person to openly carry a firearm while other states allow carrying a concealed weapon. Firearms have been used for

  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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    of these victims are mourning. However, with such a travesty as this, it ignites a debate. In the aftermath of such a catastrophe, what should we do. People are always shifting the blame to whatever they can. The mental health of the shooter, loose gun regulation, and violent things in our culture like video games and movies are always blamed by the media. However, over the years there has been no change to anything that has been effective in curbing the number of mass shootings. So what is the solution

  • Gun Control And Gun Rights

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    Gun Laws According to the Second Amendment in the Constitution, the citizens have the right to possess and bear arms. But, this has remained an important issue since decades. Issues such as gun control and gun rights have remained a matter of debate and have been lobbying around in the Congress meetings. This has resulted in the immense debate about the mass shooting that have become a frequent crime in the United States. In 2015 alone there have been 351 mass shootings. Freedom is a very important

  • The Influence Of The Gun And Gun Control

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    Do you think that greater gun control is a good idea? Maybe you’re aware but would you be willing to altercate to a certain extent to make sure your community feels protected? Perhaps you’re willing to get equal rights with gun laws , or just don’t like the idea of anyone being able to purchase and carry guns freely. Why carry a gun if eventually it will be used to innocent people, and for what? For your protection? You can protect yourself with other items that won’t kill anyone risking your safety

  • Gun Violence: The Importance Of Gun Control

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    being lost is increasing gun control. Without increased gun control anyone can play the role of God and chose to end the lives

  • Persuasive Essay On Concealed Guns

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    Tovanna Holton, a high schooler, was cyber bullied. One night, the bullying became too much for her and she shot herself with her mother’s handgun, which was concealed in her purse (The Daily Beast 1). Handguns are a problem in today’s society. Other guns are acceptable because they can be used for hunting and to protect yourself, but handguns are an issue because they can be easily concealed and obtained. The United States should ban the private ownership of handguns because they can be used to commit

  • Gun Control In Schools

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    Given that guns can be distracting and dangerous, other solutions have been found that tackle safety inside of schools, not only against shooters. For example, what happens when a student attacks a school with a bomb or drives a van into students. Giving a gun to a teacher cannot solve both these crises. Similar to how some medications help treat a symptom, such as a headache, but they do nothing to cure the disease as a whole. A teacher with a gun solves one symptom, but these solutions work to

  • Why Guns Should Have Guns

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    States should own guns, some people would say that arming themselves can prevent tragedy from occurring, while others assume that owning guns has been caused some problems and risks of violent events yearly.I tend to agree that guns for citizens should be reasonably banned in United States because of to reduce deaths from shootings and feasible solutions of gun-banning life. Guns in America has been already caused a large number of problems such as shooting and killing events. Guns are sometimes not

  • The Pros And Cons Of Guns In Schools

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    violence is giving teachers guns in their classroom, and it has become a hot topic in Washington recently. Teachers in the United States should not have guns in the classroom because students could accidentally get ahold of the gun, teachers have to leave their students in order to find the intruder, and there are already many everyday items that teachers need in their classrooms rather than firearms. Teachers in the United States should not

  • Gun Control And The Truth Of Gun Control

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    Guns are crucial in American society. This is something many advocates of the 2nd Amendment and gun possession have been stating for decades. Although many believe that they have their own ideas about gun control in the US, they are not aware that their opinions are being influenced by biased media agencies. Not only is there pressure from the government, mass media cogitates their broadcasting information so that the public gets center minded by their theories, not leaving space for people to think

  • Guns In School Shootings

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    Teachers Carrying Guns By:Mark Roessner So far there have been shootings across the US in schools. To address the problem, President Trump has come out with a few ideas and suggestions that will hopefully preserve children safety at schools. Those ideas are not without their critics, pros and cons. Trump listened to a couple victims and parents of victims tell their mournful story and came out with a suggestion.“I want certain highly adept people, people who understand weaponry, guns” to have a permit

  • Gun Violence And Gun Control

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    Running head: GUN VIOLENCE GUN VIOLENCE What Changes Should Be Made Cassius A. Kurns Jr Mr. Redmond Leo High School A way that we can decrease gun violence is have a stricter sale on firearms. Loopholes now exist in the background check system that make it possible for people with criminal records or mental health issues to procure guns. For instance, a gun purchased over the Internet or from a private individual at a gun show is not subject to a background check because neither

  • The Consequences Of Gun Laws And Gun Control

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    danger because of a gun. Many lives have been taken just because of a single bullet, despite this little to no action has taken place about these weapons, it’s a little frightening isn’t it. Shootings and deaths by guns are becoming all too common and many people have argued whether or not our government need to do something about this. If gun laws and gun control were implemented then it would lower violence, make it harder for criminals to get these items, and save lives. Though gun control may not

  • Gun Rights And Gun Control Essay

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    Zack Storvick 1st Period 1 January 2018 Gun Rights and Gun Control In the United States there shouldn 't be a ban on firearms. Guns should not be taken away from the people. Anti-gun viewers also have valid points such as the mass shootings in our country, but taking away guns would not solve the issues. Gun rights are backed up by the Constitution which is the foundation of our country, gun control wouldn 't stop crime, and the use of background checks plays a vital role when purchasing firearms