Gun Rights Persuasion

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In the article, The Argument Gun Rights Supporters Can’t Respond To published by Current Affairs and written by Nathan J. Robinson, provides readers with avid arguments towards the support of gun control. Robinson compares guns to a “magic death app” and destroys every argument made by gun rights supporters. I agree with every statement that Robinson made despite the absurdity of them. I especially appreciated the statement “If someone had a button on his desk with a skull and crossbones on it, that could instantly vaporize anyone in the room, that person would probably be thought of as deranged. And yet if an executive keeps a gun in his desk, he is treated as legitimately exercising his right to self-defense.” This quote helps readers to comprehend just how normalized we have become to these “killing machines.” …show more content…

“Yet there is no principled difference whatsoever between the death app and a gun. Each allows anyone to kill anyone at the touch of a button. Each confers upon the individual a kind of “magic wand” that can disappear another human being with a mere touch. The pull of a trigger, the swipe of a screen. Guns are like Tinder for death instead of sex.” This paragraph simply highlights the absurdity of gun rights activists. Robinson also touches on the argument, “If guns and the death button are so horrible, why aren’t knives?” He manages to shut down this argument with a few sentences my favorite of which being “Attempts at mass murder by knife end up with somewhat lower fatality

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