Gun Control That Actually Works Analysis

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An Act Throughout the recent years of living in the US, it is not unusual to hear about a shooting happening every day. The US skyrocketed above other nations around the globe statistically in the amount of shootings every year. Because of the second amendment, “The right of the people to keep and Bear Arms, shall not be infringed,” citizens in the United States, in the past, have been protected by the 2nd amendment since 1789. However, the amount of shootings are increasing in the US and the staggering amount of lives that are lost around the nation are also increasing, should the everyday citizens still be allowed to blame their malicious actions on the 2nd amendment? All throughout the article, “Gun Control That Actually Works,” Alan Berlow …show more content…

Although, “Gun Control That Actually Works,” is a short piece of text, the reader only gets provided with one idea. The short article is filled with useful information about the acts and laws of guns, however, it never really uses any emotion while explaining the problem.Throughout the years, gun violence has affected millions directly and indirectly. To truly convince the readers of the point Alan was making he should have included pathos in his argument. The article, “End the Gun Epidemic in America,” The Editorial Board, demonstrated the argument with pathos by her first line, “All decent people feel sorrow and righteousness fury about the latest slaughter of innocents, in California.” Berlow would have hooked his audience more by using more of that logic. More people would have supported his article and the point he was trying to make. The Editorial Board did a fantastic job at grabbing the reader 's attention and making them begin to think about their opinion on the topic. In order to fully grab the reader 's attention and strengthen an article, the author should use ethos, pathos, and logos at least once. Berlow’s article is lacking in incorporating emotion, which led to it as being not as strong of an article as it could …show more content…

All he does in the article is explain the act itself. Instead of just explaining the act he needed to share his opinion how how the issue of the matter can be resolved. In the first paragraph he introduces this act, “In 1934 measure called the National Firearms Act, and it stands as a stark rebuke to the most sacred precepts of the gun lobby…” and his last paragraph provides another act, “Eight years of experience with the N.F.A has demonstrated that people who register weapons rarely commit the crimes.” It is clear he understands that the N.F.A. is not doing all it can to stop these shootings, however, he needed to provide multiple solutions to solving the problem of the amount of shooting the US has yearly. If Berlow wants to have more people side with his opinion on the subject then he needs to add more support to his

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