Does Gun Control Work

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Gun Control in the United States Does Gun Control work? ,and if it does work,Does gun control have to be necessary?For those who are unaware gun control refers to laws or policies that regulate manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, and/or the use of firearms.According to CNN 67% of americans support gun control,when research has shown that states with stricter gun control laws have significantly higher homicide rates compared to those of states with lenient gun control laws.When talking about gun control and looking at the homicide rates of states with lenient and strict gun control laws one will realize that gun control does not work.However there are many solutions to lowering the homicide rates in states with high homicide…show more content…
That claim is not true in fact,Jay Wachtel an agent of the ATF said, “ one of the most common ways criminals get guns is through straw purchase sales.” A straw purchase sale is when someone prohibited from buying a firearm uses another person to buy a firearm. Tu fuether support the fact that criminals will get guns even when gun laws are in place comes from where a statistic from 1997 shows that 39.2% of criminals get their guns from illegal sources.Another piece of evidence comes from where it has a statistic that 50% of all gun purchases come from straw purchases in
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