Gun politics in the United States Essays

  • The Divergent-Values

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    Gun control has been a debatable issue since the 1870s, not too long after the Second Amendment of the Constitution was added (NPR). This controversial topic has been a factor in determining the fate of guns in the United States of America. Gun control has been a large influence in the decisions voters have made in politics. Gun control is one of the main driving questions for the candidates in the running, which usually persuades voters to vote either way. As of today, the citizens of the U.S.

  • Essay On Mass Shootings

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    problem in the United States, but for some reason, political figures or government officials tend to handle these situations as if it’s just a regular crime. There have been 97 mass shootings since 1982, which in total have had 806 fatalities due to these mass shootings. Instead of treating, a mass shooting like it is a casual thing and coming up with all types of different excuses to control how people should feel and see the situation they should be working to make stronger and better gun control laws

  • Summary Of Making Gun Control Happen By Patrick Radden Keefe

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    The right to kill Patrick Radden Keefe in his article Making Gun Control Happen describes the urgency and the need to regulate gun control. He said that gun control should be an immediate issue for congress and the president because we have lost too many lives. He uses examples such as Sandy Hook ,Virginia Tech shooting and the shooting of an official Gabrielle Giffords,a congresswoman that almost died from a bullet in the head.Patrick Radden Keefe concludes that when there is a tragedy and fear

  • The Pros And Cons Of Passing Gun Control Legislation

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    Passing gun control legislation that creates a universal background check and gun database system as well as passing mental health legislation that improves the health care system’s protocols and policies for assisting people with mental health disorders and that enacts counseling programs in communities and schools will decrease the likelihood of mass shootings in schools. The United States is bitterly divided. Issues of great concern, such as the rise of mass shootings, are partisanized. Both sides

  • The US Constitution: September 17, 1787

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    The United States Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787. There are seven articles and 27 amendments in the Constitution. It helps set up the government by providing the basic law of the body politic. If I could change one thing about the constitution, I would change the second amendment: " Right to keep and bear arms." It means that people have the right to own and carry weapons; however, when we hear the word "weapons", we will think of guns. We have been having some serious heartbreaking

  • The Influence Of Gun Control

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    Fifteen thousand Americans dead, thirteen thousand from guns in twenty-seventeen, making sixty percent of murders involving guns. We are told over and over again, do not politicize events involving shoots. Americans, kids, adults, everyday people, how many more of them have to die before something is done? There is a need for gun control and the time to do it is now. Gun control will prevent more mass shootings, like it did in Australia and the United Kingdom, reduce murders drastically, as seen in other

  • Essay On Gun Control

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    Free access or stricter gun control? Gun control is one of the many controversial topics in the United States of America. In the Second Amendment of the Constitution, it is written that US citizens will have the right to bear arms. People have been misusing that right to harm others. In 2015, there were about 13,286 deaths caused by firearms, which includes the 64 school shootings the same year . Considering the most recent mass shootings, the US needs to entrench strict gun control, however people

  • American Shooting Thesis

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    our sweeping across our nation and stirring fear in the very hearts of Americans and all who claim planet Earth to be home. Thus, one may wonder: What is the cause of these mass killings? Who is to blame? The answer is unequivocally clear: increased gun ownership leads to increased homicide rates. The preceding claim is the thesis statement for the following study. As we seek to determine whether it is a “culture of fear”, as advocated in “Bowling for Columbine”, we will seek to understand

  • Arguments Against Gun Control

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    Today's gun control issue is getting out of control. Most of the American citizens own one or multiple guns. Men have more guns than women. Gun violence would also reduce with more gun control laws. There are many opinions on gun control. Opponents for me believing having more gun control laws believe that guns are needed for self-defense and is the way to protect themselves from town crimes to out of state crimes to out of the country crimes. However, I believe that gun control would make gun violence's

  • Jeffrey Toobin Analysis

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    Toobin, points out the duplicity of the NRA in their quest to re-interpret the Second Amendment. Toobin emphasizes that “for more than a hundred years” the “Supreme Court, and the lower courts as well” had found that the Second Amendment “conferred on state militias a right to bear arms- but did not give individuals a right to own or carry a weapon.” Toobin poisons the well when he says, “Enter the modern National Rifle Association.” Introducing a paragraph of critical comments about the group identifies

  • Why Guns Should Not Be Banned Essay

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    In today’s society, one of the most alienating issues in American politics is gun control. More specifically, the issue is whether or not guns should be banned in the United States. Some people would say that guns should be banned because it would reduce crime as a whole and keep citizens safer. These people, enthusiasts of stricter gun laws, fear being safe in their country where there are so many people who have access to guns. Opponents of this argument, however, also fear losing safety. They

  • How Does Gun Control Reduce Crime

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    Gun control is a prevalent topic that in the United States and has been the cause for safety in our society. The moral acts of the younger generation have impacted this millenial in many ways and the youth are beginning to become increasing more exoitic in their actions. Over time, our nation is increasingly developing into a society who are adapting to acts of violence that have been primarily through the use of guns. Throughout years of innovation, in which the young generation have been exposed

  • Rogerian Social Policy

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    Final Essay Social policy’s main purpose is to ensure the wellbeing of humans. This policy includes various topics such as civil rights, gun policy, recreational drug use, and even women’s rights. (Social Policy, n.d.). The broadness of the social policy causes an array of opposing opinions, especially between the Democratic and Republican party. For example, Democrats believe homosexuals should have equal rights to heterosexuals. They should be able to marry or adopt children if they choose to do

  • Gun Control Argumentative Essay

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    Guns. A constitutional right we as Americans have. Something that has been a hot topic that has been debated heavily recently in the United States. With all of the media coverage on the recent gun-related tragedies, it has gotten many Americans talking about gun control and firearm legislation. Whether as a reader who is a person that is pro-gun, anti-gun, or something in between the two, all the recently coverage has made people think where they stand on the subject. Throughout the three articles

  • Argumentative Essay On Gun Violence

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    Argument Essay People often hold strongly opposing stances when it comes to gun control and violence. With gun violence rising further in the United States and gaining more media attention, it seems close to the boiling point. People have a wide range of opinions on what will solve our gun violence, from adding more guns to the mix by arming teachers to denying everyone guns. Regarding gun control, I believe the best solution to gun violence is limiting access to firearms. It is the solution that gets

  • Argumentative Essay On Gun Culture

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    The United States has a strong cultural bond with firearms. The fact that weapons are part of American society still makes many people proud; protection tops the list of reasons for owning a gun, where 45% of people grew up in a household with guns. Furthermore, 59% said at least some of their friends own guns, and 72% have shot a gun (Parker). Americans think possessing a gun is a component of their freedom, whether they use it for hunting, target practice, or self-defense (Parker). At the same

  • Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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    With the recent surge in mass shootings and gun-related deaths, gun control has once again become a focal point of discussion. The debate over gun control has been a contentious issue in American politics for decades. Gun control is a highly complex and emotional issue, with advocates on both sides fiercely arguing their position. Some argue that gun control is necessary to reduce the number of gun-related deaths and improve public safety, while others argue that it infringes upon their Second Amendment

  • Should Mass Shootings Be Banned

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    are not uniquely an American problem, but they are uniquely common here. Federal bans, public safety campaigns, and state laws have attempted to attack the mass shooting dilemma. As shootings continue, the issue remains a prevalent debated topic in politics and leaving many dumbfounded on what course of action needs to be taken to save us from the plight we’re in. Extreme anti-gun hardliners issue cries exclaiming weapons are to blame and banning assault rifles would eliminate mass shootings entirely

  • Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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    The United States has one of the highest rates of gun violence in the world, with an average of 100 people killed by guns every day. This alarming statistic highlights the urgent need for stronger gun control laws. Gun control is a hotly debated topic in American politics and society, with advocates calling for stricter regulations to reduce gun-related deaths and injuries, promote public safety, and prevent mass shootings. This research paper will explore the issue of gun control, examining its

  • Right To Bear Arms Research Paper

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    civilizations like the British did not allow their civilians to bear arms giving them absolute power. The writers of the constitution wanted the citizens to be able to protect their rights. It also states that we have the right to a Militia, which to date is our national guard. When you get into politics and maybe ask someone about the second amendment two things will pop up, the individual right, or the right to a militia. For a century and a half this has been debated on and people to this day are