How Does Gun Control Reduce Crime

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Gun control is a prevalent topic that in the United States and has been the cause for safety in our society. The moral acts of the younger generation have impacted this millenial in many ways and the youth are beginning to become increasing more exoitic in their actions. Over time, our nation is increasingly developing into a society who are adapting to acts of violence that have been primarily through the use of guns. Throughout years of innovation, in which the young generation have been exposed to and one of the items youth have become familiar with guns. Morality plays a pivotal role in the way people conduct their themselves especially when in the presence of a weapon, and these actions will contribute to the future of our nation.
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Moorehouse analyzes the societal encounters ordinary civilians have with guns on a daily basis and how one’s action can cost the lives of many. On one hand, gun control does reduce crime to an extent because it reduces the possibility for people to obtain weapons or guns. On the other hand, crime increases gun control because due to the terrible use of guns to inflict crime government systems are forcing stricter gun laws on …show more content…

Boyd states that people all over the world need to understand the damage guns may have on our society and they can be used for good, but they can also be used for evil. For instance, Boyd shows that guns may be used for protection or just for shooting at a range, however people with wicked, deceived ways can find ways to inflict possible damage to our culture and nation. Neil Boyd also explains how the younger generation can be affected due to their exposure for possible weaponry due to the immaturity of the youth in our culture the chances and percentage of harm due to guns may possibly increase. Moreover, Gary Cleck wrote an article titled “Why do people support gun control?” in which he also explains society’s view on gun control that is mostly positive in supporting gun control. Cleck uses broad data to explain why people support gun control and how gun control actually benefits the society as a whole. People are proven to be in a safer state as less guns are distributed and that makes the culture more comfortable knowing that guns are becoming less

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