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  • Essay On Should The Driving Age Be Raised To 21

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    Driving Age: should it be raised to 21? There has been much discussion about should the diving age be raised to 21 or not. This issue has been a problem for years. It’s not that if you are 18 you have to drive, you should be aware that you might kill people with driving. Driving at high speed will also put you in danger. You also you need to be responsible for yourself and your car. If you get a flat tire no one is going to help you fix it, you need to know how to do it yourself. Driving age should

  • Reflective Essay: The Impact Of Gang Violence On Campus

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    I often see graffiti on random buildings in downtown Boise, which could be gang-related. Since Idaho law no longer requires a permit to carry a concealed weapon, Idaho is a republican state, and there are many gun owners here, weapons could be prevalent throughout the community. That being said, I don’t think we have as big of a gang problem in our community compared to other communities nearby, such as Nampa. I have heard of people being in gangs in Nampa, Caldwell

  • DARE Hero

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    What is a DARE hero? Before DARE started, I only knew a little of what the former DARE students have told me. They only told me that DARE was about why you should not take drugs. After I was in the DARE program, my opinion on the program is that it is great that we are lucky enough to have adults that care about us and want us to know why we should not take drugs. If we need to use drugs that are prescribed by the doctor, we should use them, how they are supposed to be used. Don’t be a zero

  • Teenagers Do Horrible Crimes

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    Criminals come from all types of different backgrounds, racial identities, religions, and even age groups. There’s no one single thing that can define who can be a criminal or who is capable of a crime, even an extreme one like murder. Adults go to court and get a minimum of ten years in prison and that’s that, there’s nothing to argue as to how to try them. That small percentage of those teens who commit those crimes however, are an interesting exception as they can usually go both ways. In some

  • Argumentative Essay: Should Handguns Be Allowed?

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    In 1968 Steve Sposato went before the Judiciary committee. He was raising the question of gun control after the assassinations of the united states leaders during that era. (e.g, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy) He won the case and then in response caused The Safe Streets Act 1968, and The Gun Control Act 1968. That became the tipping point of all the gun control debates today. However those two acts were not enough, in the 1960’s there were 6 mass shootings, and in 1990’s (the most mass shootings

  • Argumentative Essay On Gun Free Zone

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    campuses. What do these locations have in common one may ask; more times than not, locations such as these are marked as gun-free zones. A gun-free zone is a location where guns are simply not allowed. In theory, gun-free zones sound like fantastic idea in such locations to keep citizens safe, however this seems not to be the care in many instances. Most gun-free zones have minimal gun security or many times no security to protect unarmed citizens from an unforeseen attack. For example, in 2012 in Aurora

  • Gun Control Laws Argumentative Analysis

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    Creating stronger gun control laws will cause much more harm to the American people than it will good. Gun restrictions are a huge debate in today’s society. It is constantly said that if we had more gun restrictions, then America’s violence and crime rates would go down. When examining statistics between cities with very strict gun laws compared to those whose restrictions are lax, there is a noticeably higher rate of crime found within the cities whose gun restrictions are tighter. In 2012 the

  • Pros And Cons Of Teachers Carrying Guns

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    Teachers Carrying Guns By:Mark Roessner So far there have been shootings across the US in schools. To address the problem, President Trump has come out with a few ideas and suggestions that will hopefully preserve children safety at schools. Those ideas are not without their critics, pros and cons. Trump listened to a couple victims and parents of victims tell their mournful story and came out with a suggestion.“I want certain highly adept people, people who understand weaponry, guns” to have a permit

  • Argumentative Essay: Gun Control Laws In Chicago

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    Chicago should be an example to those on both sides of the gun argument. The city is living proof that strict gun regulations alone will not cause gun violence to go down. Unfortunately for gun control advocates, the ban on handgun ownership in Chicago was struck down in a landmark case known as McDonald v. City of Chicago. Two years ago, in District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. ___, this Court held that the Second Amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of self-defense

  • The Divergent-Values

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    Gun control has been a debatable issue since the 1870s, not too long after the Second Amendment of the Constitution was added (NPR). This controversial topic has been a factor in determining the fate of guns in the United States of America. Gun control has been a large influence in the decisions voters have made in politics. Gun control is one of the main driving questions for the candidates in the running, which usually persuades voters to vote either way. As of today, the citizens of the U.S.

  • Gun Control Importance

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    important. Gun control is also an issue that leads to if we should add more restrictions or more freedom. In the Bill of Rights, the first amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” I believe this is the most important to the maintenance

  • Mass Shootings

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    like it is a casual thing and coming up with all types of different excuses to control how people should feel and see the situation they should be working to make stronger and better gun control laws in order to regulate who can get a hold of these weapons. In the article, “Mental Illness, Mass Shootings, and the Politics of American Firearms,” written by Jonathan M. Metzl and Kenneth T. MacLeish explain the assumptions

  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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    The law enforcements took immediate action and put gun control laws in to place. Australia has not had a mass shooting since and the number of crimes have decreased since 1996. Australia had a great success with their gun laws. The reason the united states does not have gun control laws is because Americans say that it 's taking our freedom of owning a concealed weapon and we as Americans can 't protect our families without guns. Without gun control in the US or some high security in our schools

  • Arguments Against Gun Rights

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    Guns. Today this such a controversial topic in politics, mainly between the Republican and the Democrats. Guns have been part of American since its founding. Today, there is a lot more gun violence than there has been in our past, and this is causing big debate today. Guns are NOT the problem, People are the problem. Guns also save more lives than they take. Over our recent history, there have been heroes that have stopped mass shootings and other crimes from happening by stopping the situation using

  • The Influence Of Gun Control

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    Fifteen thousand Americans dead, thirteen thousand from guns in twenty-seventeen, making sixty percent of murders involving guns. We are told over and over again, do not politicize events involving shoots. Americans, kids, adults, everyday people, how many more of them have to die before something is done? There is a need for gun control and the time to do it is now. Gun control will prevent more mass shootings, like it did in Australia and the United Kingdom, reduce murders drastically, as seen

  • The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control In America

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    travesties like this. Gun control is a very controversial subject in the US. There are only two sides to the debate: those who want gun control, and those who don’t. Especially in light of recent events, more people are starting to realize that gun control is necessary now more than ever. There needs to be more gun control in the US. There’s no way around it. Americans need to make sure that they let the government know that we need gun control, and the government needs to act on it. The gun violence problem

  • Essay On Guns Should Be Banned From College Campuses

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    Guns Should be Banned from College Campuses Should guns be banned from college campuses? A discussion has been going on about this concept for a fairly long while, especially after the deadly bombardment that took place at Virginia Tech University in 2007. In 2008, most of the states permitted civilians to carry guns on them in numerous places, such as college campuses, bars, and even libraries. Allowing individuals to carry guns wherever they please is a serious matter that should be taken into

  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Violence

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    deadliest mass shooting (Yan, Park, & Simon, 2017). The deaths of so many innocent people propelled gun control into a fierce national debate once again. Horrified, Americans watched the parade of victims’ pictures on the news and wondered how this happened. Analysis and debate of gun violence centers around politics. Rarely is there discussion of the impact firearms have on our lives, health, and economy. Gun violence in America causes a heavy toll of death and disability and should be treated as a public

  • Gun Laws and Gun Control

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    Concealed Weapons The gun laws and restrictions have become a very controversial topic in the world today. The people of the United States are nearly spilt on whether or not there should be stricter gun laws, but more people lean towards the stricter side of the line. Although many would argue that stronger gun laws will increase crimes, stricter gun control legislation is an attack on the 2nd Amendment, and there can be no ‘Partial Restriction’ of fundamental rights. Many people question

  • Ethical Argument Essay: The Gun Control Debate

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    The Gun Control Debate In recent years, there’s not many topics on the political spectrum that aren’t absolutely polarizing. This essay will attempt to show each side’s generalized opinions, and find flaws in each of their arguments, as every ethical argument has flaws. Analyzing each side will help anyone understand their own opinions better, because without the demonization of the opposite party, ethics get much more difficult. Gun control is everywhere in the news right now, as three months