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  • Summary Of Making A Killing The Business And Politics Of Selling Guns By Evan Osnes

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    Killing the Business and Politics of Selling Guns” written by Evan Osnos on June 27, 2016, Osnos believes that it is not ethical for an individual to carry a gun as a source of protection and safety as it can gradually increase crime. Osnos main objective for the article is to spread words that gun regulation should be restricted because it has many disadvantage for Americans, as it can help protect the country and reduce crime. In the article, Osnos introduced many examples of gun regulations by using

  • Gun Control In American Politics

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    clear stance on some major issues such as healthcare, immigration, and gun control. The Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton advocates for a more progressive and socialist agenda. She believes that the government should ensure all citizens are taken care of by providing access to affordable healthcare to everyone. She supports the expansion of the Affordable Healthcare Act or Obamacare as more commonly known.

  • Argumentative Essay On Gun Free Zone

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    campuses. What do these locations have in common one may ask; more times than not, locations such as these are marked as gun-free zones. A gun-free zone is a location where guns are simply not allowed. In theory, gun-free zones sound like fantastic idea in such locations to keep citizens safe, however this seems not to be the care in many instances. Most gun-free zones have minimal gun security or many times no security to protect unarmed citizens from an unforeseen attack. For example, in 2012 in Aurora

  • Argumentative Essay: Should Handguns Be Allowed?

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    In 1968 Steve Sposato went before the Judiciary committee. He was raising the question of gun control after the assassinations of the united states leaders during that era. (e.g, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy) He won the case and then in response caused The Safe Streets Act 1968, and The Gun Control Act 1968. That became the tipping point of all the gun control debates today. However those two acts were not enough, in the 1960’s there were 6 mass shootings, and in 1990’s (the most mass shootings

  • Why Is Gun Violence Good Or Bad Essay

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    In today society, all the issues that are happening with gun violence on the TV, the questions that are asked are, “are all the statements against guns facts or opinions.” Are guns truly a danger or is it just an issue blown out of proportion? Violence is one of the leading issues in society. The government claims citizens solve disputes through talking to reach an agreement between each other. However, the truth is that most conflicts end with a weapon being pointed at someone to really get their

  • Gun Control: Second Amendment Of The United States

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    Gun Control     Guns have always been a fundamental piece of American life and culture.  The Second Amendment of the United States even asserts that firearms are, “necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.  In recent times President Obama has put forth a few executive actions in order to try and reduce gun violence.  His proposals mainly focus on fixing and enhancing the background check system, greater education efforts, and

  • Argumentative Essay: America Is Number One?

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    The reason behind most of the republican party blocking some sort of gun reform is because the National Rifle Association gives them money donations. They even have a report card on their website that gives congressmen a letter grade on how they feel about guns. “The NRA has donated $3,781,803 to members of Congress who are currently in office.” (Washington Post 1) Why would you vote against the organization that

  • Essay On Armed In Schools

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    critics have thrown out their opinion that having guns in school will do more harm than good. Teacher’s ages can range from surprisingly young to dirt old. I want to put a gun in every teacher's hand. This also applies to your 80 year old English teacher whose hands shake all the time. Critics think that is an absurd idea because they do not believe she could even shoot the gun. Critics have also thrown around the idea that they are also afraid of the gun getting into a student's hands. The Vice President

  • Essay On Should The Driving Age Be Raised To 21

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    Driving Age: should it be raised to 21? There has been much discussion about should the diving age be raised to 21 or not. This issue has been a problem for years. It’s not that if you are 18 you have to drive, you should be aware that you might kill people with driving. Driving at high speed will also put you in danger. You also you need to be responsible for yourself and your car. If you get a flat tire no one is going to help you fix it, you need to know how to do it yourself. Driving age should

  • Tough Guise Debate

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    Tough Guise 1. What are some benefits to boys and men of putting on the “tough guise”? When is it an effective and adaptive response, and when is it self-destructive and dangerous to others? 2. Are there biological reasons why males commit the vast majority of violence? If so, why do rates of violence vary widely between different countries? Why is the U.S. by far the most violent society in the industrialized world? And how do you explain, if you think the primary cause of violence is biological

  • Dylan And The Columbine Shooting

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    The Columbine shooting was a terrible tragedy that will be remembered forever. Two high school seniors, Eric and Dylan, brought guns and bombs to school and killed thirteen people. Dylan was a child of upper middle class parents. He didn’t feel like he fit in at school. Dylan was a very quiet teen interested in technology. He had expressed suicidal thoughts and was very upset by his lack of a romantic relationships. There was also a lot of rage simmering under the surface as well, which appeared

  • DARE Hero

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    What is a DARE hero? Before DARE started, I only knew a little of what the former DARE students have told me. They only told me that DARE was about why you should not take drugs. After I was in the DARE program, my opinion on the program is that it is great that we are lucky enough to have adults that care about us and want us to know why we should not take drugs. If we need to use drugs that are prescribed by the doctor, we should use them, how they are supposed to be used. Don’t be a zero

  • Campus Carry Argumentative Analysis

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    escalation of gun crimes. Due to the recent escalation of gun crimes arguments such as “Universities should/should not allow concealed guns on campuses,” have been brought up. Some states have now begun to change their gun control regulations on campuses, some have even pushed forth to allow individual institution to make the decision to allow guns on their campuses themselves. There are numerous arguments about guns on campuses. Some of the arguments for anti-guns on campuses are that guns will incite

  • Reflective Essay: The Impact Of Gang Violence On Campus

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    I often see graffiti on random buildings in downtown Boise, which could be gang-related. Since Idaho law no longer requires a permit to carry a concealed weapon, Idaho is a republican state, and there are many gun owners here, weapons could be prevalent throughout the community. That being said, I don’t think we have as big of a gang problem in our community compared to other communities nearby, such as Nampa. I have heard of people being in gangs in Nampa, Caldwell

  • Dbq Shays Rebellion

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    Shays’ Rebellion Essay Shays’ Rebellion was when a group of farmers protested against the government shortly after America gained its independence. Although these farmers rebelled against the government, nevertheless they stood up, aimed to help country, and their actions had lasting effects affecting the government. These protesters stood up against the government. It is important to realize that “ the people who have stepped up to demand rights for themselves and others are most likely to

  • Gun Control Threats

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    Gun Control/Current threat on Isis My topic is a topic that has so many foreign and domestic issues not only with foreign terrorism but also domestic terrorism as well. terrorism is a big problem in not only in the us but also in the world. Gun control is a major issue in the united states it has taken so many lives due to the immaturity of gun owners. whether it be by accident or the intent to kill the numbers to gun related deaths have increased in the past 10 years. ” Republican presidential

  • Concealed Carry: Gun Control Cases

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    INTRODUCTION Guns. It is a topic that the Supreme Court hasn’t dealt with since Heller v. District of Columbia in 2008, and they have not looked poised to take it on anytime soon. However, a new case has found it’s way into the 9th Circuit: Peruta v. San Diego County. Due to the duration of time between Heller and Peruta the courts have been forced to rule on Second Amendment cases without the guidance of the Supreme Court. Peruta is now forcing the courts to begin examining the Second Amendment

  • Gun Control Laws Argumentative Analysis

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    Creating stronger gun control laws will cause much more harm to the American people than it will good. Gun restrictions are a huge debate in today’s society. It is constantly said that if we had more gun restrictions, then America’s violence and crime rates would go down. When examining statistics between cities with very strict gun laws compared to those whose restrictions are lax, there is a noticeably higher rate of crime found within the cities whose gun restrictions are tighter. In 2012 the

  • Invisible Ink In Vietnam War

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    Invisible ink is a liquid that is used to send messages that can only be seen when affected with chemicals ( The ink was used to send special messages to others so prying eyes can not see the message. This type of ink has been used for hundreds of years to communicate. Invisible ink was used by Germans during the first World War to communicate with each other to pass on information about England ( Invisible ink was also used during the Revolutionary

  • Why Is Martin Bryant Guilty

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    The Port Arthur Massacre occurred on the 28th and 29th of April 1996 in Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia. Martin Bryant is undoubtedly guilty for the murder of 35 people along with 20 people injured as he had the motive due to being socially inappropriate, mentally disabled, and infused with a high level of frustration and anger towards others. Similarly, witnesses report seeing him at the scene of the crime and time frames noted by those who saw him, place him at Port Arthur on the day this event