Gun Control Laws Argumentative Analysis

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Creating stronger gun control laws will cause much more harm to the American people than it will good. Gun restrictions are a huge debate in today’s society. It is constantly said that if we had more gun restrictions, then America’s violence and crime rates would go down. When examining statistics between cities with very strict gun laws compared to those whose restrictions are lax, there is a noticeably higher rate of crime found within the cities whose gun restrictions are tighter. In 2012 the CRS released a report showing that the number of privately owned guns has gone up by 56% since 1994; coincidentally gun related homicides have gone down by 49% as well. If a complete gun ban were to go into effect, crime rates in America would rise …show more content…

She states “because of the numerous amounts of loopholes in our countries current gun restrictions, it is pointless to keep enforcing these laws. A whole new set of tighter stricter gun laws should be enacted instead for a real change to occur” (Watkins). She does bring up a valid point here. These loopholes have resulted in some instances where people purchased a gun from a private seller without having to go through the standard waiting period and background checks that would typically occur if a gun was being purchased from a licensed arms dealer; however even with these “loopholes” the seller must report to the government the weapon being sold as well as the intended buyer of said weapon. One big problem people have with guns and gun laws today is gun shows. A study conducted by HCI recently came out claiming that 25% to 50% of the venders at gun shows were selling merchandise without a license. This statistic is correct; be that as it may, they failed to mention that the vast majority of these venders were not selling weapons at all but rather were selling gun related merchandise such as clothing and magazines. Even so, the private sellers and the venders who are selling guns as well must report to the government before selling a firearm and after selling the firearm in order for the FBI to track the gun and its new

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