Second Amendment Analysis

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The Second Amendment was never actually intended for everyday citizens. In the writing of the amendment it states militia meaning that it was only intended for them to bear arms. Citizens have found easy access to the weapons that they use in their shootings. Therefore, guns are put into the wrong hands, which means gun regulations should be stricter and allow a more detailed background check with mental health evaluations. There have been gun purchases where there has been a flaw in the background check system, allowing mentally ill or irresponsible people to obtain guns. For instance, Jared Loughner who was responsible for shooting Representative Gabrielle Giffords and killing six others had a criminal record. He also had documents that …show more content…

Certain people that are not allowed to buy guns in shops can still purchase them from private sellers or gun shows, where background checks are not actually required (Nakaya 10). Which is why criminals are still able to purchase guns, since they know of places where background checks are not required. In addition to that, anyone can sell their gun to another person without a license to sell or without completing a background check (Gun Control 109). Even though some places do require background checks there are still many flaws that can happen such as mental illness and certain criminal felonies. A flaw in the background checking system is what allowed Dylann Roof to purchase a gun then shoot people in a bible study at church. Nor did they stop Adam Lanza, who conducted the mass shooting of Sandy Hook, or Jacob Roberts, who led the mass shooting of Clackamas Mall (Pratt). This is just the beginning of shootings that occurred from flaws in background checks. There was also a shooting in Newton, Connecticut that happened in a school. Also, a shooting happened at Virginia Tech in 2007 that left thirty-two people dead. John Houser bought a gun at a pawn shop without having a background check done. Then he entered a movie theater and killed two people while wounding nine. Afterwards, he then shot himself (USA Today). There are too many lives lost due to a simple flaw that could be fixed if the United States would try harder. Flaws allow guns to get into the hands of criminals and mentally ill which then results in lives

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