Mass School Shootings

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Mass school shootings have been going on for years and have only gotten more frequent. Mass school shootings have tripled since 2011 according to a Harvard Research. There have been five school shootings this year since August. People wonder if having stricter gun laws in general or allowing guns on campus would help these horrible tragedies from occurring. Depending on the environment being lived in plays a big role in the use and possession of guns. Places like Nevada and West Virginia were it is very country and wide open makes owning guns almost normal. Living in places like Long Beach, California or New York makes owning guns very rare because there is really no use for them recreationally. I honestly feel that having more restrictive …show more content…

I do believe law enforcement should have access to any health records they want in order to help keep themselves and the community safer by not selling guns to people who shouldn’t own one. Individuals who do have a mental health issue shouldn’t be in the same household as someone who owns a gun, such as the case of the Sandy Hook shooting a few years ago. Adam Lanza (20) was the gunman behind the Sandy Hook shooting. He was known to have mental health issues and still lived at home with his mother. They had a gun in the house that Adam was able to get access to. He shot and killed his mother at their house before going to Sandy Hook Elementary School and killing twenty children and six staff members before killing himself. No one knows what his motive was behind the shooting. I feel like almost people with some type of mental health issue have done all of the big shootings that have occurred in the recent years. James Holmes was the shooter of the Aurora movie theater shooting in 2012. He killed twenty-four people and injured one hundred and forty. He had a mental illness. The Columbine High School shooting in 1999 is one of the most well known mass shootings. Eric Harris (18) and Dylan …show more content…

I feel that the people ever allowed to bring guns onto school grounds are law enforcement. Many people, such as myself, would not feel safe being in a school environment being around people with guns on their hip. We come to school to learn and to hopefully feel safe, but having tons of people with guns on them would not make me feel safe whatsoever. Yes, if there ever was a school shooting on campus, it could help bring the victim level down if there is someone in the area of the shooter. School shootings are pretty rare even though they have been more frequent recently. I feel like the students on campus that had a concealed weapon on them could end up being a victim if there ever was a shooting. For example, if law enforcement saw a man trying to shoot the shooter with his concealed weapon and they shoot the concealed weapon guy not knowing he was not the actual shooter, then that brings up a whole different situation of not knowing who was the shooter and who was trying to help until it is too

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