Should Teachers Carry Guns In School Essay

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Hypothetically, a law is passed stating that teachers are allowed to carry guns in school. In a sick twisted world, the teacher becomes the school shooter. Your student is in class and their teacher pulls out their government funded school weapon and starts shooting. How is your child supposed to protect themselves if the approved district teacher starts shooting the students with a malicious intent. Teachers should not be allowed to carry guns at school. There negatives for teachers having guns at school include: students getting the gun, extensive training for the teachers - which would cost money, students frightened to learn, and what would happen if the approved teacher with the gun is not there. There should be no need for teachers to…show more content…
Equipping teachers with guns, who are little more than civilians, is absurd. This would not help prevent the type of deadly mass shooting we 've been seeing lately. All that would do is increase the possibility of innocent people getting caught in the crossfire. Instead of training for how to use guns teachers should be taught self defense and how to use items around them as weapons. It would also help if every teacher learned self defense and not just a…show more content…
Teachers did not go into their profession to be babysitters, and they certainly didn 't go into it to be security guards. Now society is trying to force them to be both. How anyone could possibly secure those weapons so that students could never obtain them would be a nightmare- and unrealistic? And to think that if a school full of teenagers can access a weapon in every classroom that violence would decrease is absurd. There are many negatives to teachers owning guns such as: cost of training and weapons, teachers turning against their students, and keeping teacher who has the gun a secret. Having guns in the school would cause more
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