Should Teachers Carry Guns Essay

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Why Should teachers be able to carry a gun. Reason #1 for teachers being able to carry a gun, protection of students. Imagine being a parent in this day and age were you have to worry about your child going to what was a safe environment in the parents age. What is now a risk for a mentally ill and damaged individual to kill as many innocent people as possible. This should not be a worry for the child or parents but it has to be because at this point any school is a threat. So a possible factor in decreasing shootings is arming teachers, by doing this teachers can fight back instead of shielding or running from the shooter. Reason #2 teachers can defend their students by changing this law and using correct training teachers should be able to carry a weapon. By doing this not only insure safety it will give relief for parents all over the country. This tactic will give school staffs a chance to outnumber a possible shooter. If all teachers are armed shootings will be reduced up to 40% in fear through the shooters eyes. Another …show more content…

There is a possibility that a kid who is planning a shooting could just be in a classroom and find out were his/her teacher keeps the weapon, and they wouldn 't even have to sneak a gun in. That’s a downside but what if we made gun safes that only opened with a teachers ID or own password making it almost impossible for a student to open it. Conclusion By arming teachers there are alot more positives than negatives, Yes bad things can happen with a deadly weapon in a classroom but people will continue to do these horrific crimes knowing there is hardly anything that’s going to stop them. So by arming teachers this will give some fear in a potential shooters eyes versus a shooter knowing they can march into any school they want to and kill students and teachers without anyone putting up a fight until first responders getting to the

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