Persuasive Essay On Guns In School

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When it all comes down to the use of guns, or any weapon against another, there is always three issues that most come across: do I actually have the nerve to go through with it, can I do this and be okay mentally, and can I truly put others lives before mine? These questions, these logical thoughts, are frankly the most important aspects to using any weapon against another. Even if it is in the intent to protect another, you still must consider these facets before doing anything that could bring more harm to others than aid. In relation to this, it shows that these same ideals process through teacher’s, as well as any adult’s, mind frame. Trusting someone not certified and trained thoroughly for an immense period of time with a weapon to protect young children and other adults would be putting the kids and the protector at risk. It’s better to not leave it all up to chance and to stick with the public service of law enforcement, certified protectors, who can truly handle the job. The fight or flight situation, also known as hyperarousal, is a very detrimental affect to authorizing teachers to have firearms. It is a reflex, the go-to response in a stressful situation. And, what can be more stressful than a school shooting or having to shoot someone yourself? In this, giving teachers this responsibility, there is always the …show more content…

But, perhaps arming teachers isn’t the best, safest or only route to a better future and an end to the problem. Having higher budgets for schools to get security, metal detectors and armed policemen and women would do a whole lot more than arming teachers. What is more sacred than the lives of the future? What could be more precious than a child who has yet to see their latter years? Time is already spinning and wasting out. Don’t let their clock stop spinning because they aren’t protected to the utmost

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