Pros And Cons Of Arming Teachers

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There have been more school shootings in the past 8 years than theres has been in the past fifty years. School shootings have gotten out of control. Kids are scared to go to school because they don’t think they are safe. Most schools do intruder drills, but schools could be doing more. One possibility is arming teachers which would provide a good deterrent to school shootings. Arming teachers would be a bad thing because It will cost a mass amount of money, the teachers will need a great deal of training, and guns make the school environment very menacing and very uncomfortable. Arming teachers will cost a heap of money because there are a lot schools in the USA.Donald Lee Sheppard wrote this sentence in his article “My Daughter is a teacher, not a security guard “There are more than …show more content…

Do the math.” (Lee 1) Giving guns out to every teacher in america that has gone through training will cost a lot of money. They will have to take funds away from the school to pay for the training, ammunition and the guns themself. also, if the teachers want a quality handgun they know won’t jam when a intruder comes will cost a good amount of money, like around 250 dollars and more. Arming teachers will cost money resulting in money being taken away from books and technology. The government won 't pay for all of the teachers in the united states. The schools would most likely have to pay for the ammunition and the training. The training could wind up being more than the guns themselves. If the teachers want a good understanding on how to use the gun they will have to spend a good amount of money to do so. They might even have to spend more to be able to hold a gun because there are laws that you have to have a certain amount of training to have a conceal and carry. That would then lead up to the student having no technology and or science and math books. Renewing your conceal and carry license will cost a great sum of money, it could

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