Persuasive Essay: Should Teachers Carry Handguns In Schools

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In 2011, 10.3 in every 100,000 people in the U.S. were victims of gun related deaths. If the teacher would have had a gun then he/she could have shot the attacker. Teachers should carry handguns because it provides safety for the students and because it is the teacher’s right. Teachers shouldn’t carry handguns because students would fear them. Ken Corbett a clinical assistant professor reported to Arming teachers: three reasons why teachers should not carry handguns in school that, “ When violent force is upheld as safety, fear and silence creep in. I have a patient who recalls his silent car rides with his father who kept two guns under the driver’s seat. Silently the boy watched, on guard, even though nothing ever happened. But then again nothing was ever said, and arguably something did happen. There was no way to …show more content…

Lucy Hanson a special needs teacher reported to “F” is for firearm; More teachers authorized to carry weapons in classroom that, “I want to protect my students,I'm going to stand in front of a bullet for any student that is in my protection and so I want another option to defend us”(Hansen). She wants to be able to defend herself and her students, so he needs a firearm. Less than 2% of all youth homicides occur at school(Yurvati). With the teachers to defend the students, that statistic is very true. Also, Teachers should carry handguns because it is their right. Steve Siebold an expert in the field of critical and mental toughness training reported to Every Teacher in America Should Have a Gun that, “But until that happens, critical thinking suggests that we all exercise our second amendment rights, arm our teachers and school officials to ensure the safety of our children, voice our support and keep a close eye on anti-gun crusaders who want to make our decisions for us”(Siebold). It is our right in the second amendment that we can have a weapon and we need to use that

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