Argumentative Essay: Should Students Have Guns On Campus?

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Guns have no role in our country schools. Schools and colleges are places of education. Students should be free to learn in an environment away from every day violence. The catastrophes that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Columbine High School, and Virginia Tech. confirm the penetrating conclusion guns have in our nation’s schools. Violence on campus has Students, Parent, and University Staff all concerned and looking for preventative measures. Guns on campuses make the vulnerable even more vulnerable. Even though having guns on campus would improve response time, having guns on campus would also increases the chances of a confrontation escalating and turning lethal. Keywords: (guns, violence, schools) It’s very disheartening how easily it is to obtain a certification to own a gun. Here in the United States it is easier to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon than it is to obtain a driver’s license. In order to nurture a healthy learning environment at America’s schools and universities, it is critical that students as well as faculty feel safe on campus. Recent pandemonium of violent crimes on campus has many pro-gun activists suggesting that both the Students and Teachers should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on …show more content…

Guns on campus would lead to an increased number of suicide and mental health issues. “In a 2010 survey of students by the American College Health Association, 45.6 percent of students surveyed reported feeling that things were hopeless and 30.7 percent reported feeling so depressed that it was difficult to function during the past 12 months. While depression and anxiety consistently rank as the most common mental disorders treated at college counseling centers, an often overlooked but equally serious problem is the rising number of students struggling with eating disorders, substance abuse, and self-injury.” (American Psychological

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