Why We Should Have Concealed Carry On Campus

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At the University of Northern Arizona in October of 2015 Steven Jones came to school and shot four students and killed one. He was charged with first degree murder. Now imagine you were a student at that school wouldn't you want a student or teacher to be able to stop the shooter before it got this far? College Students in the United States should be aloud to conceal carry on campus. Concealed weapons on campus would help protect colleges in the U.S. by having armed students and staff on campus. The armed students will be able to stop a shooting before it gets out of hand. They will be saving lives and help to protect other students in the school. And if the shooter knows that they allow concealed carry he might not try at all. Just knowing that the school allows firearms on campus would make people think twice about doing anything to that school. The vibe of the school would feel safer and …show more content…

More than likely if the student can’t carry a weapon on campus he won't carry it off campus. But if they were allowed to carry it on campus they would more than likely carry it off campus too. So this means the student will be able to defend himself. And it doesn't have to just be school shootings He could be robbed or he could see someone in distress not just in the school but anywhere the student could be. The person could protect people who can't always rely on the police. Concealed carry in the U.S. has always been a big deal. People think that it's unsafe and all it will do is hurt people. Then there's the side that approves of concealed carry. Now the new topic is concealed carry on college campuses. The colleges who have passed this have had less shootings and less problems at the school. The kids at the schools feel safer and that's a good thing to feel safe. The colleges with concealed carry are all around safer colleges. They have dropped crimes in campus by a large

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