Argumentative Essay On Open Carry

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There has been a long standing debate in America regarding open carry. Some people believe that open carry will help protect others from harm. Recently, on June 1, 2015, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the Campus Carry Law, allowing licensed holders to carry a handgun on college and university campuses, effective next year, August 1, 2016. Gun Control laws need to be controlled, that is indeed true, proven by the 335 public shootings in the country this year alone. Open carry will not be a solution to this growing problem, it may in fact help increase its numbers. Texas allowing open carry in college campuses will be an invitation to chaos as it will increase the rick of others, will not make people feel safe, and lead to more violence. …show more content…

However, for some people, the sight of an open gun will not make them feel safe and uneasy. By allowing open carry, you are ensuring trust amongst your peers and those around you to protect you with your life; however, relying on a stranger to protect your life is a gamble and one that several people are not will to make. Finally, open carry on school campuses will lead to more violence. As reported in various school shootings, such the shooting in Albemarle High School in North Carolina on September 2014, some shootings were caused by arguments between two students. The incident, and several others public shooting incidents, would have been avoided if the shooter did not have a weapon on his person and if the country had more strict gun control laws. If Texas allows students to open carry their own weapons in school, hundreds more similar incidents may occur. The only time a state should be allow laxed gun laws is when the people have total and complete faith among each other, which is something that we currently lack in the country as of now. As public shootings occurrences continue to rise in the country, the people clearly are not ready to handle the situations by themselves. The Campus carry Law is not a step to better and protect the people as it will increase the rick of others, will not make people feel safe, and lead to more

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