Annotated Bibliography On Gun Control

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Katie Lee British Lit 13 April 2016 Gun Control Research Paper: An Annotated Bibliography Dickerson, John. "Why Newtown Wasn’t Enough." The Slate. The Slate Group, a Graham Holdings Company, 17 Apr. 2013. Web. 26 Oct. 2015. This article talks about the supporters and non-supporters of gun control and what all of it could lead too. It talks about our Second Amendment rights and how the Democrats as well as The Republicans wanted to make it harder for the mentally ill to get firearms in their hands. They would increase the funding for the prosecutions and they would even get more strict on the control of gun trafficking. This article also states that The Democrats were very quick to blame The Republicans for the broken gun laws. Nagourney, Adam, and Julie Turkewitzoct. "As Campus Fears Rise, So Do Efforts to Enact School Gun Laws." The New York Times. ADAM NAGOURNEY and JULIE TURKEWITZOCT, 19 Oct. 2015. …show more content…

It states that our nation was in one of the worst spasms of violence with guns alone at colleges. This article also states that over the past few years, almost fifteen states have made it a whole lot easier for teachers, students and even administrators to carry concealed weapons on campus. Starting in August of 2016, Texas Lawmakers are going to make carrying a concealed weapon on campus legal. The main point I get from this article is that everyone thinks that the law enforcement should be the only ones to be able to carry concealed weapons on or around college

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