Why Should Concealed Carry Be Banned

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Why Not Conceal Carry? On April 16, 2007, 32 people were murdered and another 23 were wounded, either by Seung-Hui Cho, the man doing the killing, or by jumping out of windows to escape him. That day Seung-Hui Cho used a Glock 19 and a Walther P22 to commit the second deadliest shootout in US history. While many people, like Josh Sugarmann and his Concealed Carry Killers report would have one believe that allowing people to conceal carry on campus would of made things worse, but I believe just the opposite. If someone in there had been concealed carrying. It could of had ended the massacre right there, or at least slowed it down enough to save some more lives. Concealed carry should be allowed on college campuses, like it is in many other places, …show more content…

First, the report states that “states have granted concealed carry permits to domestic abusers, criminals, the mentally ill, and suicidal individuals, among others.” This can be proven false right away, since to own a concealed carry permit, let alone most kinds of firearms in general. An applicant has to pass a background check. So anyone with a criminal record or who is mentally unstable won’t be able to receive a concealed carry permit. Later on, the report claims that in 29 instances, people used their concealed carry permits to carry out mass killings. After looking closer at these claims, all but three were proven that a concealed carry permit, or the lack of one, would 've made any difference, as the person was planning on committing the crimes anyway. Of the three that were left, two of them have very little evidence showing that a concealed carry permit had a role in what happened. Beyond all of that, the Violence Policy Center includes suicides and accidental deaths in with the murders. Many of the suicides (about 90%) were committed at home, where a concealed carry permit would of hade no difference, and of those, many weren 't even committed with a concealed carry

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