Should Concealed Guns Be Allowed To Carry Essay

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Concealed Weapons Carry
What if people had the right to carry concealed guns everywhere, the many hours of training received and money spent on the right to be able to carry a concealed gun? Think about all the mass shootings that have occurred on in the world today and if people had the right to carry their concealed gun everywhere. The law prohibits people from carry concealed guns everywhere and it is not right, especially if people are licensed and trained to carry. People can go on and on about the reasons why concealed guns should not be carried everywhere and actually have some valid points. Nevertheless, carrying a concealed gun should not be prohibited from certain places especially with everything going on in society today. The right to carry a concealed gun provides a sense of security, some type of protection if something were to happen. Anything can happen in the blank of an eye and having a concealed gun allows one to feel safe. The law bans concealed weapons carry in a lot of places that a lot of mass shootings occurred at. The church, public places while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and schools, just to name a few; all three of these locations were all a part of some kind of mass …show more content…

A few years ago, a student named Amanda Carpenter attended the University of Nevada at Reno. She was walking to her car from class when she was attacked and raped. This student felt as if she had been allowed to carry a concealed gun, she probably would not have gotten raped that night (Wiseman, 2012). There are many misconceptions about carrying a concealed gun, everyone is not criminals, and everyone will not commit a crime. A thorough background check, training, and the passing of a test should qualify people the right to carry a concealed gun everywhere. It is about being able to defend oneself and perhaps others if a situation presents

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