The Importance Of The First Amendment

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The first amendment is very important for United State citizens. Freedom of speech is one of the most important rights. Freedom of speech grants us rights to say what we want without getting in trouble with the law. This law is important because it allows us to express our opinions. Freedom of religion is another right that is very important. People have the right to practice their religion or not practice any religion. Freedom of religion makes living in the U.S. more comfortable due to the fact that in other countries everyone has to follow one religion. Freedom of protesting is another right that the first amendment grants us. Protests help people get together for a cause and even if it good or bad it should be allowed because we were given the right to protest. Protests created when a group of people gets together to speak for what they believe in. Overall, many citizens will agree that the first amendment is really important to everyone living in the United States. …show more content…

States like Texas allows you to carry any types of guns with no licenses or permit and in California, you need a license and a permit to bear arms. Regardless of the different rules that each state has about the second amendment you are allowed to protect yourself in your house or in public. Unfortunately, reality shows that guns kept at home tend to be more dangerous for the members of a household than for potential criminals. Being a criminal disregards you from being able to carry a gun. You are always able to keep yourself armed and

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