Concealed Weapons Pros And Cons

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Paper will discuss that controversial topic of concealed handguns. Being pro concealed weapons, I feel they can prevent crimes from happening and help people to defend themselves in dangerous situations. The contents of this paper will review the arguments for and against concealed handgun and will deliver a policy regarding the public health topic of concealed carry laws.
Concealed handgun should be allowed for the main reason that they help to prevent crimes from occurring. Not only is carrying a handgun a right given to US citizens via the constitution (National archives, n.d.), but it's been shown that states with strict or bands on concealed weapons have higher gun involved murder rates (Gius, 2013). Furthermore, banning concealed weapons can cause rates of murder to rise (Gius, 2013). Having a concealed weapon is a form of defense, and people should have the right to defend themselves in anyway they see fit, which includes areas outside of one's home (Ruebsamen, 2013). Another reason for allowing …show more content…

Also, the idea that background checks don't stop dangerous individuals from obtaining permits. In a study done by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, they showed that background checks do in fact prevent or reduce rates of firearm homicides (Sumner, Layde, & Guse, 2008). Another reason which many are against concealed weapons is that they feel public safety should be left to professionals, such as police officers. There are unfortunately many cases were police have arrived too late to crime scenes and were unable to stop the criminal acts from occurring. In an article from the Albany Law review, it was stated that to rely on protection solely from police is an irresponsible standpoint (Kopel, 2005). Having a concealed handgun could save someone's life in the event that they are in harms way before police assistance

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