Open Carry: The Right To Bear Arms

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Open carryment should be legal for all the people because they need to protect themselves from the other shooter near them so open carryment is helpful for other people .”Open carry advocates seek to normalize the carrying of firearms in public places and often use open carrying to protest what they see as unjust state firearms laws. While members of the open carry movement argue that they are just “exercising their rights,” The open carrying of firearms intimidates the public, wastes law enforcement resources, and creates opportunities for injury and death due to the accidental or intentional use of firearms”.(open carry summary). Open carrying poses particular challenges for law enforcement officers who must respond to 911 calls from concerned citizens about people carrying guns in public, carrying a gun in public aint harmful but it can be if they look suspicious but other than that people shouldn 't worry about a shooting in the public. Open carry advocates create a…show more content…
Does the second amendment prevent effective gun regulation? what is the right to bear arms?. The right to bear arms is to have weapons that are useful for protection when someone is trying to break into the peoples house or running up to the person and attacking him. The right to bear arms is the right to have protection, the second amendment has been a critical battle ground for the U.S because people say take the gun from people but the guns that they are takin is people that just stay at home they need to worry about drug dealers and gang members instead of civilians just resting at home so the battle ground for the U.S is they are taking the wrong peoples guns and doing that just cause more threat to the civilians who had guns for protection and those people are now trying to figure out how are they gonna defend themselves? how ar they gonna protect themselves if someone did break into their home?. The only person to blame is the people who took their guns (Open Carrying
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