Persuasive Essay On Guns In College Campus

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To begin with, we are living in one of the most violent time in the last decade. There has been more mass shooting in schools and colleges than ever before. Government can not seem to find a solution for this mass shooting. This brings us to the main topic of whether or not we should allow guns in college campus. There might be some benefit of carrying guns in college such as making the shooter afraid and prevent a mass shooting. But there are lots of disadvantages as well. The reasons why we should not permit guns in college because it will cause more violence, students are not mature enough and it is not safe. Firstly, allowing guns in college campus will only bring more violence. One of the main reason for permitted guns in campus …show more content…

Many students in college aged 17 to 23 which is considered to be very young. Allowing those young students guns will lead them astray. The college lifestyle is already defined by alcohol and drug abuse, and if we permit guns to that we should not expect anything good. Lot of times, college students goes through emotional trauma due to homeworks, exams or for financial issues, allowing guns might lead them to commit suicide. One might argue and say that we should only allow guns to the one who are eligible and mature. But even if we do this does not mean that more deaths will not occur as a result of this, in the heat of the moment people are not going to be thinking about what is the safest thing to do they are just going to shoot. So it is not safe at all to allow any type of guns in the college campus. Lastly, permitting guns in the college campus in very unsafe thing to do. If we allow guns in college, students in the dorms might steal it and commit even more violence. It is very possible that gun can go off by accident. Lot of times instead shooting the shooter students might miss the target shoot other people. In addition, when police comes it will be very hard for him to find the initial shooter. Most importantly, every person who carries gun can be shooter and there will be not much of difference between the shooter and student. So we should allow guns in campus at

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