Argumentative Essay On Guns On Campus

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Firstly, the arming of students, faculty and staff should be prohibited because its unsafe. The debate on whether staff, faculty and students should carry firearms on campuses has been going for years now. Some colleges have debated that a law should be passed were staff and faculty should carry firearms on campus, but other colleges have dismissed this case because it is dangerous and unsafe. According to Jesus Villahermosa’s essay “Guns don’t belong in the Hands of Administrators, Professors, or Students” he states, “I agree that allowing guns on campuses will create problems, not solve them.” This statement is true because not everyone is capable to handle a gun or even use one. Also, according to the website The Campaign to Keep Guns off …show more content…

For this reason, security professionals believe that arming students shoot back would actually make matters worse in the extremely rare instances where mass shootings occur on campus.” This can create a bigger problem than the one before. Such accidental shootings are not accountable for which leaves families of innocent victims upset and frustrated because justice is never served. According to The Campaign to Keep Guns off Campus “Despite the horrific shootings at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois, college campuses are far safer than the communities that surround them. Ninety three percent of the violence against college students occurs off campus, where guns are widely available. To prevent future mass shootings, we must strengthen our gun laws to make it as hard as possible for dangerous people to get dangerous weapons.” If gun laws are strengthened, campus shootings might decrease and innocent lives will not be

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