Persuasive Essay On Gun Control In Schools

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Gun control has been one of the top issues facing our country for quite some time. Recently in Texas, a bill called SB11 has been passed that allows for concealed carry of licensed weapons on campuses of higher education. College kids are stressed about balancing their social life, maintaining a good GPA, and getting enough sleep to keep themselves sane. Now those same kids are also carrying around killing machines in their back pockets. Although people believe that this new law is protecting schools from more mass shootings, I believe that allowing concealed carry on the college campus is a bad plan of action because people of that age don 't know how to react in a situation where a gun could be needed, people will abuse their "gun-rights" powers, and it has the potential to cause even more outbreaks of school shootings. Imagine you are a 21-year-old in college. You know the very basics of how to handle a firearm, where the trigger is, where the safety is, where to aim, and that 's about it. You just came from your most difficult class and you 've been assigned so much homework you could …show more content…

Is this what mankind has come to? Are school shootings just something that should be expected in this day and age? Are humans inherently bad? Or is it the case when we are pushed to our limits? As of writing this essay, there have been a total of 14 school shootings in America. It is February 6th. One of these cases took place at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Two students were at a party and began to fight. The argument turned violent as one of the men pulled out a gun and shot 21-year-old Najee Ali Baker. He died in the hospital later. In a world where we so strongly want to be right, and want to be on top, that we will go to the extent of killing others to get there, why would our government want to supply people with a larger opportunity to do

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