Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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On, February 14, 2018, a mass school shooting in Florida got the nation’s attention, however, gun violence has always been an issue, and it is only getting worse. Now people are saying there needs to be something done, and there are many that agree. Starting off there should be stricter gun laws, because in today’s world it is too easy to get handguns and assault rifles. With, the capabilities a firearm holds, such as taking people’s lives there must be stricter restrictions that could help cut down the gun violence and save lives. Increasing the age of purchasing a firearm would be one step. Another, law could be to implement mental health screenings to detect any mental illnesses with the future gun holder, that would be most useful, because it is essential to know the mental state of a future gun holder. Lastly, regulating illegal gun sales would also help, along with gun safety and protection. In today’s society, there are gun laws and specific things that must be done, to be able to own a handgun or assault rifle. For example, there is an age limit that differs in some states, those age limits are eighteen years old in some states and twenty-one in other states. However, that is now becoming a problem, especially with how guns are being used. With the past and recent mass shootings, that has taken place in schools and churches, it should strongly be considered to increase the age limit for owning firearms. By, increasing the age limit for handguns and assault rifles

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