Ok To Bear Arms

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The right to have a concealed weapon at work or the right to bear arms for protection no matter where you are is a sensitive and complex situation. This has been the subject of debate between Congress, the National Rifle Associate (NRA), mothers, schools, private business and the list continues to grow. This issue comes on the backs of multiple shootings at schools, business and in lives of people in general. The Second Amendment states the right for people to keep and bear arms. The question that comes into play is where do you have the right to bear arms? Is it ok to bear arms in the workplace or school? Everyone, if qualified, has a legal right to own a gun. This is not necessarily a moral issue but it is definitely a legal issue…show more content…
There have been incidents where someone may be dismissed from a position but may have multiple things going on in their personal life that this was the final straw. Guns at the workplace are mostly in retaliation to either another employee or a manager. It could also be a chemical imbalance with either prescriptions or a mental defect. You could also have an incident where a spouse may know that you have the gun in your vehicle and have a spare key and come to the job shooting. Whatever the case maybe having a gun at any employer other than the police department should not be warranted. If you are one that works late, then employer should offer some sort of security to escort employees to their vehicles. If an employee is terminated from employment, then security should also be there to escort the former employee off the property. If you are in a secured building, then a notice should be sent to employees that that person is no longer with the…show more content…
Why would you need a gun inside your workplace? Do you really loathe someone that much that you would need to take a weapon to work? It may not even be the situation that you loathe someone but could just be a mental defect which could lead to a possible suicide or homicide. Either way, I do believe that no company wants to be responsible for a killing on their property, whether inside or out in the parking lot. That would definitely create a multitude of law suits as well as loss in business. One action could create a domino effect. Companies would be getting more law suits, losing business due to the law suits, companies now having to close due to the loss of business and law suits which is creating more unemployment. Families would be facing difficulties with being able to handle finances which could eventually cause them to lose their homes if not everything.
Every action has a reaction. Legislation needs to take more of a stronger part in regulating gun control to avoid further situations like school shootings. Private companies, or any company for that matter, need to do more in prohibiting guns at the workplace, whether it be inside or in employees vehicles. I do believe that if you want to purchase a gun, then you should be required to take a class before obtaining your license. This way there will be a better appreciation for the
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