Persuasive Essay On Why Guns Are Bad

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Guns are just a tool, like knives and hammers and it completely depends on the people on how they use it. People who support guns and arms say that the Second Amendment secures individual’s right to carry guns with them and that gun rights is needed for self-protection, and was intended for military to have peace and defend the country if needed (Spitzer, 70). Most of the Americans use guns as a source to protect themselves and they believe that gun ownership prevents crime. A study conducted on November 26, 2013 showed that bans on weapons did not significantly affect murder rates at the state level (Lane, 5). Moreover, even if the rules and regulations are executed on gun control, not all criminals obey the law. Criminals do not care about …show more content…

They can be used to defend and protect as well as to threaten and kill. Guns and crime go together. A study conducted by the American Journal of Public Health found that the legal purchase of a gun seems to be associated with an increased risk of violent death. Every year, Americans are shocked by numerous mass shootings and senseless acts of violence involving guns and weapons. And, every year around 100,000 people are shot among which 18,000 are children and teens (Lane, 131). There is an estimation that about half of the households in the United States owns at least one gun. As such many people can have access to guns, including children and other family members. Many school based attacks involve young people carrying guns owned by their parents and going on a rage through schools and other places. Similarly, the ease of acquiring guns has led to vulnerable deaths of people across the country. Moreover, this leads obsessed people to escape their frustrations on minorities by murdering and threatening them. Much of the violent activity that happens in young people are attributed to youth gangs from poor society and inner-city neighborhoods. Easy access to guns can cause violence and threat more common in drug dealing, and gang fights (Lane, 104). Thus, it is necessary to have greater restriction on gun ownership and use, which would lead to a peaceful environment and reduced gun deaths and crimes in the

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