Argumentative Essay: Gun Violence In America

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Gun Violence In America Gun violence in america accounted for 33,636 deaths in 2015 alone and that number is only rising. If every american was able to obtain a firearm imagine what the numbers of gun related deaths. Even gun related injuries caused many more hospital visits in america what many other common incidents. That is why america needs to implement tighter gun laws to reduce the amount of gun violence in America. Without this we will continue to see shooting, gun death, gun injuries resulting in more and more gun related violence. Although the second amendment states all americans have the right to bear arms crime statistics show that we need tighter gun control to lessen the widespread shootings. Gun violence has existed in america …show more content…

Since the use of the NICS system Approximately 916,000 individuals have been prohibited from purchasing a firearm for failing a background check between November 30, 1998, when the NICS system began operating on December 31 of 2004(Alters 118). This affects how people get gun drastically. If they are not able to go to the store anymore because background checks came up were not acceptable not allowing that person to purchase a firearm. The criteria for determining who should be able to possess a firearm. It should check for past legal issues not only for the individual but their family members. This will drastically change the number of incidents . This in turn affects where gun violence occurs. Traditionally media observed that big cities produce more gun incidents that more rural areas. As a result of the NICS this may change over the years and gun violence rates would drop if local governments followed through with the NICS. Firearms could not be sent to anyone who was a fugitive from justice or had been convicted of a felony. It became illegal to transport stolen guns from which the manufacturer 's mark had been rubbed out or changed In 1986 the gun control advocates were successful(Tompkins). When guns were made harder to get and keep violence subsequently decreased with time. Criminals were not able to purchase firearms or if they were found

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