Gun Violence Effects

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The U.S alone has 35% to 50% of the world 's civilian owned Firearms(Time 2013. Pg 14, 15). Most likely you have at least one or know someone that keeps a gun in their house. Because of mass shootings we hear about in the news such as, the theater shooting in Aurora Co. in 2012 and Columbine massacre in 1999, the most recent that took place in Hesston at Excel industries. There is a problem with gun related violence in the U.S. but there is a perception that it has suddenly worsened, in reality things have been in bad for a while. What the media does not say is that of 30,000 gun deaths 20,000 of those people killed themselves with a gun (Goldberg 2012 pg 70). Some of these facts are shocking to hear. Even though gun control is the first thing…show more content…
You are either for it or against it. The people who are for it feel gun control reduce murders. Those who are against it feel that guns prevent more murders than they cause. In Sydney, Australia, legislation dictated a mandatory gun turn in. This gun turn in required every civilian to turn in their firearms. They felt that if people turned in their firearms then gun violence would end completely. Sadly this did not happen. Gun violence spiked after this law went into effect. They saw a 20% increase in gun violence after just 12 months (ABC, 2011). This shows that no guns for citizens in a free society has negative…show more content…
pg10). Alcohol prohibition brought up the point that if you prohibit something that people want they will find a way to get it. At the time, news articles would commonly refer to how easily gangsters like Bonnie and clyde, Al Capone, and John Dellinger could obtain fully automatic firearms and guns that could be easily concealed such as sawed off shotguns or snub nosed pistols. After years of prohibition and gun violence the 21st amendment ended prohibition which also cuts back most of those gun control laws that were assembled during prohibition. The United States saw a record low 8,530 homicides in 1962, which at that time was unheard of (Joseph 2015.
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