Persuasive Essay On Gun Related Shootings

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Gun control is an issue in many aspects; it is a rights issue regarding the second amendment, a safety issue, a political issue, and a racial issue. In 2017 alone, there have been 5,300 gun- related deaths in the US, not including an approximate 22,000 due to suicide. With a higher rate of public shootings and massacres occurring in recent years, this topic has been of high debate. By prohibiting the purchase of firearms by civilians, you violate the 2nd Amendment of the US constitution, protecting gun ownership. Additionally, criminals will be undeterred by gun control laws. This leads to more frequent occurrences of gun violence because civilians will not have access to the means of protecting themselves. In over 75% of cases in gun related deaths, the gun has been purchased illegally. Instead of outlawing the commercial purchase of firearms, why doesn’t the government mandate background checks and focus on crime control? In 1976, the Firearms Control Regulation Act was passed. This made it mandatory for all citizens to register their firearms within 60 days. After that, all guns could not be registered and police officers had to go …show more content…

There is only one place (Directorate of Arms and Munitions Sales) where the sale of firearms is legal in Mexico, yet it had 11,000 gun murders in 2012 compared to the US’ 9,000. Between 2005 and 2012, Mexico’s gun store sold 6,200 guns. However, 15,000,000 guns are owned by Mexicans, and one firearm is allowed per person. In the UK, citizens cannot carry handguns unless granted permission by the police as having a “good reason to”. Since this legislation 15 years ago, the homicide rate is up 14% (TheGuardian). This shows that strict gun control laws don’t significantly decrease the amount of gun violence. Instead, it encourages more people to commit acts of crime such as robbery and murder without being

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