Pros And Cons Of Assault Weapons

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The 2nd amendment of the United States states that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” But is that truly the way that the United States should be governed under? The United States has the one of the highest amount of deaths related to gun violence in the entire world, 31st in the world exactly, but the fact that is baffling is that for such a developed and country with a strong infrastructure, why are these rates so high? From mass shooting in schools, clubs, gatherings, and neighborhoods all across America, there is certainly something else behind these mass shootings. Gun violence is an aching issue on the hands of the hands of the United States government as well, as congress is finding it difficult to …show more content…

But what should be done about assault weapons? There should be no reason for homeowners and everyday citizens to own such things as an AR-15 or a Machine Gun. Assault weapons should not be permitted in the US. The majority of assault weapons that are used for these shootings are acquired legally by shooters. In some of the most recent major attacks, “killers in Las Vegas and Orlando attacks… walk into gun shops and legally purchase assault weapons” (Ingraham). United States Senator Dianne Feinstein has proposed a bill that would ban assault weapons. This bill would prevent “horrific mass shooting incidents” and ban the purchase of “military-style assault weapons”. This is very effective because that way, the shooters who usually use assault weapons won’t have as large of a magazine, making them easier to stop. This shows that while we cannot entirely ban any weapons, one of the most effective things that can be done is to ban these weapons that shooters can get their hands on so easily. This ban on assault weapons and semi-auto weapons as well is largely supported by the public, and public support usually leads to the passing of laws. During the assault weapons ban of 1994, gun deaths were significantly low, as shown in a graph in the Washington Post. This shows that another ban on assault weapons, and possibly a permanent one, could largely impact the force leading to gun violence and

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