Argumentative Essay On Banning The Second Amendment

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The Second Amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791. It allows American citizens to bear arms. We are talking about this issue because of what happened with the Parkland shooting. To this day, one of the top deadliest shootings that occurred here in the States is when Nikolas Cruz, a 19- year old had access to an AR-15. He managed to kill 17 innocent students and faculty leaving the entire school with a traumatic experience that one will never forget. These two sides create a controversial debate. On the one hand, some people believe that banning assault rifles is our best bet in decreasing crimes. On the other hand, people believe that not banning assault rifles will change anything. An Armalite rifle 15 (AR-15) is a lightweight semi-automatic …show more content…

The second amendment is being abused and misused on how this is supposed to benefit us. Mass shooters will use this right to justify their actions. Eugene Robinson, an opinion writer of The Washington Post wrote “When the framers wrote of “arms,” they were thinking about muskets and single-shot pistols. They could not have foreseen modern rifles or high capacity magazine.” meaning that the framers were not thinking of the future like (227 years later). At that time, they were unaware of how fast technology would evolve surrounding weapons. It seemed appropriate at the time when the Second Amendment was rooted. Banning assault weapon will not only relieve parents’ worrisome about sending their children to school, it will also help the community feel a sense of safeness. The advantage of banning assault weapon is that it would reduce numbers of suicide and gun deaths. While there are substantial reasons to adopt, ultimately my opponent would benefit more from my view because we are now focusing on the present and for future purposes. Is it worth dying over a teenager who had easy access to guns? An assault weapons? How can we ensure safety in the school system? Should we send our precious child to school just for someone to come in and kill them? No, the Congress needs to do something effective to solve this challenging solution. We can now visually see how assault weapons are being abused and going into the wrong hands. All it accomplishes is bringing a traumatic and ugliness to the

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