Essay On Gun Violence In Schools

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What’s missing from the typical kindergartener’s backpack? A gun. The ultimate solution to gun violence is more guns, isn’t that obvious? We are in need of guns everywhere to the point where our nation needs armed guards in every school. They say the more guns we have, the more gun violence there is, but in fact it does the complete opposite and solves gun violence. After the tragic and cold-hearted school killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Connecticut, 20 children and 6 adult staff members were fatally shot. The number of school shootings within the past few decades has risen dramatically, which is just not acceptable. How can anyone accept the thoughtless cruelty with these young precious lives being treated like they are replaceable? …show more content…

There’s no point in banning all sorts of guns at this point in time and everyone should know how to use this “self-defence” weapon efficiently. You can place a gun, a knife or a bat all side by side, none of them are going to do anything until someone picks them up to use them! The tragic shooting at Newtown reminded us not only of the need for gun control but also mental health support. From the day each individual graduates from this seven-day training period, every child will be required to carry assault rifles at all times of the day, whether it be in school, at the mall, or at home, in order to ensure the best protection. However, I am not an unreasonable person. A three year old cannot be expected to have the strength to carry an assault rifle at all hours of the day: therefore, up until the age of five years and six months, children may be permitted to carry pistols instead of rifles so it does no harm to their delicate backs. The failure to have a gun on yourself at all times of the day will be punished with a fine of $1,500 on the first offence, and a month in the jail upon the second offence. Keep guns out of the hands of criminals?

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