2nd Amendment Research Paper

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Updating the Amendment 2.0 The right to bear arms has been a favoured constitutional law since its establishment in 1791, but as more gun related violence and accidents occur, there has been increasing debate on whether or not guns should be banned in the US altogether, and if not, what regulations should be required for the purchase and handling of them. While guns should not be completely banned from the country, the rules and regulations of gun laws should be tightened. In the 2nd amendment, it clearly states that “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” While this statement still holds true, the evolution of firearms and how they have become more dangerous throughout the years is a clear sign of why the laws should be changed. One thing you have to remember is that the second amendment was …show more content…

We still have firearms, but they are exponentially more dangerous. Some of the most advanced and legal firearms today are rifles that can shoot 30 bullets in 3 seconds. Those bullets can also sometimes go through metal and even armor. I know a man who even has a rifle that could make a hole in a tank. There are some benefits of the evolution of firearms, for example the speed of the projectile and the projectile itself. In 1791, a musket ball could take off at around 700 mph. The musket ball itself was a fairly large, heavy and blunt projectile, causing major damage on impact. It could shatter bones, break blood vessels, and cause loss of limbs completely. Modern bullets take off anywhere from 1700 mph or higher. They weigh less rely on their speed to do most of the damage. These lighter and sharper or plain just more pointed bullets will go through bone and skin with far less pain and damage, but they also can still have enough speed to go through another object. Even though these advancements in weapons have made a gun wound cleaner and less damaging, the other advancements just make it all the more

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