Fourth Amendment Research Paper

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The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments included in the constitution. It was designed to protect our rights as US citizens. An ongoing debate on whether or not it truly compromises on our rights in the name of security has been occurring for a while. The fourth amendment states that the police or any other government agents are prohibited from searching our property without an apparent cause that we have committed a crime. If the fourth amendment clearly states that the government are prohibited from searching our property, why do we have the National Security Agency? I believe that they are violating our rights by tracking us digitally. If their reason is to track terrorist threats, it’s a bit ironic to do that since we are taking oil from the Middle East, which is a country full of terrorism. The National Security Agency can access everything we do online and monitor text messages that we send. They collect every single thing we do digitally to track any terrorist threats. I believe that they are violating our freedom act and our individual privacy. If we have a computer that collects all information about us, how can we be sure that other terrorists will not be able to get a hold of our private information? Personally, it makes me feel less safe that everything I do digitally is stored somewhere. There are people …show more content…

For years, we have been depending on the Middle East for oil. We are financially supporting the country that we are at war with. Instead of continuing to get oil from the Middle East, our country should work on reducing our dependence on foreign oil. If we work on developing domestic energy and drilling more reserves, it will help weaken the Middle East dictatorship, which can lead to terrorism. We are risking our safety by depending on other countries that are politically unstable or at odds with the

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