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  • Law In International Law

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    International law can be seen as basic principles of morality that unite nations of diverse backgrounds. In order for these principles to be abided as law, it is important that each state retains its individual sovereignty. If, and only if state consent is taken into consideration when finding a common ground for international approaches, can a fair agreement be reached. In this paper I will argue that Andrew Guzman is correct when he claims that state consent is a fundamental principle in international

  • Law Vs Valid Law

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    subjects among the natural law and positivist thinkers. The natural law theorists claim that principles and morality are the basis of a valid law, whereas the positivist thinkers believe that a law is based on social facts and institutions . Within both schools of thought, each scholar has a different basis for his theory. This debate between the natural law and positivist theorists is related to the interpretation of laws. Many positivist scholars believe that interpretation of laws should be based on legal

  • Employment Law In Labour Law

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    Employer – Employee relationship is based on the contract of employment and that has been the main pillar in “Employment law”. All the other aspects of employment law have organized around the contract of employment. Under Roman reign there was slave and his master. It was slave’s obligation to provide services to his master and he was considered as a property more than a person. Slavery was abolished later. But in every period one man needed another one’s service. When the world develops the whole

  • Municipal Law Vs International Law

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    confer the much-debated inquiry of the relation between municipal law and international law. Borchard (1940) stated the two certain features about the debate which: first, that as long as the disputants do not extensively vary in the ultimate resolution of problems, they vary significantly in their developing theories and major premises. Second, that the effort of various countries on chance to getaway the restraints of international law convince them to find a justifying theory in its compensating emphasis

  • Tort Law Assignment: Tort Law

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    Tort Law Assignment Michael v The Chief Constable of South Wales Police [2015] UKSC 2 This case was decided in the Supreme Court Summary The claimants were the parents and children of Joanna Michael, who had been murdered by her former partner. Ms Michael made a 999 call in which she explained that her ex-boyfriend had come to her house and found her with another man. He told her that he was going to kill her. The call handler, who said she did not hear Ms Michael mention this threat to kill, gave

  • Substantive Law

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    Introduction Law is a dynamic force for maintaining social order and preventing chaos in society. It is difficult to imagine the existence of a community without law. Lawmakers, courts, and other officials of the law help to preserve a harmonious society. A basic understanding of the law and the legal process of one's community promotes a better understanding of society. Law embodies the story of a nation's development through the centuries. From primitive customs, codes, and practices, the law of a nation

  • Domestic Law Vs International Law

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    Law is a set of rules for the people of a state/region to abide based on relevant values and principles that should be upheld by that society. Domestic law is established within the three branches of a typical government of a nation state: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. International law, however, lacks a structure as defined as domestic law. The foundation of international law dates back to the origins of the state, and from there, the concept evolved with the ideas of many great theorists

  • Importance Of Natural Law On Law

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    perspective on law and legal institutions as reflected in his statement from the dock and refusal to testify in his own defence during the Rivonia Trial. It will briefly discuss rise of Apartheid in South Africa; discuss natural law theory and look at natural law theorists with specific focus on law and morality and discuss substantive and procedural natural law theory; discuss Mandela and the trial and the relevant principles of jurisprudence with regard to Mandela’s perspective on law and legal institutions

  • International Law: Real Law

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    Law is a conservative institution whether international or domestic. Discussing the differences between domestic and international law may generally lead some to believe that either one or the other is the “real” type of law. The first step in refuting the argument that international law is not “real” law is defining the varied elements of law. Then, after assessing what constitutes law, determining whether international law is “real” law is a matter of finding these elements within the concept of

  • The Relationship Between Municipal Law And International Law

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    scholars and students of international law. Establishing the relationship between municipal law and international law is important when resolving disputes. In certain circumstances, there are conflicts arising oftentimes on which of the two laws has to be applied. It is a pivotal question on what rule should prevail____ Municipal Law or International Law. There are two traditional theories(doctrines) approaching the relationship between domestic law and international law: the monist theory and dualist

  • Difference Between Commercial Law And Business Law

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    Commercial law is a branch of private law that regulates activities in the sphere of trade. The subject of commercial law is the sale and purchase of goods between professional market participants (without the participation of consumers), the registration of commercial legal entities, commercial intermediation, securities turnover and some other areas. Business law and commercial law are two areas of legal practice that have so many common issues that most lawyers who practice will also expertise

  • Stoicism's Theory Of Law: The Concept Of Natural Law

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    natural law has taken several forms. The idea began with the ancient Greeks’ conception of a universe governed in every particular by an eternal, immutable law and in their distinction between what is just by nature and just by convention. Stoicism provided the most complete classical formulation of natural law. The Stoics argued that the universe is governed by reason, or rational principle; they further argued that all humans have reason within them and can therefore know and obey its law. Because

  • Law And Order: One Of The Characteristics Of Law And Order

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    Law and order is one of the characteristics of first world countries. With that said, following these laws might not always be the right or just thing to do. In Plato’s Crito Socrates had a very rigid view of following the laws and never breaking them, even though the law unjustly put him in jail. I believe having this rigid belief on the laws is wrong, and the belief should be more towards following just laws and standing up for unjust ones. On the other hand, people might argue, if some people

  • Tort Law In English Law

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    unliquidated damages. The principle aim of the law of torts is to (i)provide compensation to the victim of the tort or conception (ii)grant of exemplary damages to show that deterrence to the wrong doers. The English law holds a more wider conception of tort than the hindu and muslim law. these law were into awarding punishment than compensation .but the law of tort offered a more just version to the society , i.e restoration of the right. In India , the law of

  • Natural Law Vs Secular Law

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    Natural Law prevails over Secular Law. Secular Law is a mechanism to uphold Natural Law It is undeniable that Natural Law is the foundation of Secular Law as being stated by our president speaker. The development of Secular Law has proved the importance of Natural Law as well as the root of Secular Law. The following evidence will show how Natural Law prevails over secular law. Natural Law and Criminal Law Firstly, we will be looking into Natural Law and Criminal Law. In the Medieval period, Thomas

  • Civil Law Vs Criminal Law

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    Criminal law is a system of laws concerned with the punishment of those who commit crimes. It is protecting the overall public safety and potentially puts away people who commit serious wrongdoings. As civil law is the system of law concerned with private relations between members of a community rather than criminal, military, or religious affairs. Civil law Generally comes into play when an individual or multiple persons are injured in the incident which is usually followed up into a lawsuit or

  • International Law Vs Islamic Law

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    The International Court of Justice and the Islamic law will be defined, the similarities between international and Islamic law will be enumerated, the several characteristics of Islamic law that sharply differ from international law will be discussed. Last but not least we will have example of Japan and the issue they had with complying with International law. Islamic law is known as Shariaah Law, which derived from two primary sources of Islamic law which is Quraan and Hadith, and applied to the public

  • Fault: The Three Causes Of Law In The Law Of Common Law

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    the Duhiame law dictionary fault is a breach of duty or negligence and in some circumstances, the errors or omissions of others or things under a person’s control . The fault principle evolved from the writs to negligence and trespass at common law. The standard then was based on physical injury. Fault is an essential term in the common law of personal injury as it is a condition of liability under civil law regimes of civil responsibility. Oliver Wendell Holmes categorized tort law into three categories

  • The Importance Of International Law And Criminal Law

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    International Law & Criminal Law Assignment 2015 Name: Rozaiman Bin Abdul Rahman Admission No: 1470674A Class: DPSS/ Group 2   Content Page 1. Article 14 of the Constitution 2 1.1 Text Citation

  • The Rule Of Law: The Concept Of The Rule Of Law

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    The term ‘Rule of law’ is derived from the French phrase “la principe de legalite” (the principle of legality) which refers to a government based on principles of law and not of men. In this sense the concept of ‘la principe de legalite was opposed to arbitrary powers. The concept of rule of law is of old origin. Edward coke is said to be the originator of this concept. When he said that the king must be under god and law and thus vindicated the supremacy of law over the pretensions of the executives