Why Do Mass Shootings Occur?

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Taking all guns away from the public is not the answer How many times does a mass shooting occur? Out of three-hundred thirty six days, 355 mass shootings occurred. Shocking right? Can this be prevented? Is Gun control the answer? These type of questions are being asked by lawmakers. Researchers are saying that taking away all guns is not the answer and are looking for other ways to prevent mass shootings. In the U.K almost all handguns were banned from civilian possession in 1977. Morris M. says “The rate for intentional homicide in the UK in 1996—the year of the Dunblane Massacre—was 1.12 per 100,000. It was 1.24 in 1997, when the Firearms Act went into effect, and 1.43 in 1998. The rate rose to a peak of 2.1 in 2002 and has fallen since to 1.23 as of 2010” (10 arguments against gun control 2013). Researchers say that the best way to prevent mass shootings is to have background checks before buying a firearm and ban high capacity magazines and assault rifles. Guns should not be taken away completely but high capacity magazines and certain firearms should be limited to the public. A study shows that a mass shooting happens …show more content…

The second amendment in the United States Constitution gives the right of the people to keep and bear arms which means the people of the United States have the right to have guns and use them. The argument on on gun control is not logical as the second amendment states that the people of the United states have the right to bear arms. Although you can lose your second amendment rights by convicting a misdemeanor involving domestic violence, the government can not take away guns unless another amendment is added to the constitution to abolish the 2nd amendment. In the constitution no amendments can be removed but another amendment can be added to ratify that amendment such as the ban of liquor. After the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting fear struck the nation. Kids started to bring guns to school for protection which is causing more

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