School Shooting Literature Review

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Annotated Bibliography
Borum, R., Cornell, D., Modzeleski, W., & Jimerson, S. (2011). What can be done about school shootings? A Review of the Evidence. Educational Researcher, 39(1), 27-37. Retrieved from
This magazine article targets students and parents with the purpose of preventing any more school shootings. They begin by discussing how important it is to bring awareness about mental health. Every time a crisis or tragedy occurs there is much attention brought upon the subject, however once the victims are buried and time goes by everyone seems to forget all about it. People move on without making any changes to the policies or issues. The majority simply stand by as a bystander instead …show more content…

This article provides a clear view on the controversial topic of what the issue is and what is needed to be done in order to combat it. More specifically, they discuss what the government can do about mass shootings. However, she clarifies that the policy makers can seem to figure out a cause for these mass shootings and without that they probably wouldn’t even be able to come up with a valid solution. Some people argue that the cause is the behavior meaning that mental health should be something more people are aware about. However, others believe that the main problem would have to be the fire arms and they fact that it extremely easy to obtain one without a background check when sold by a …show more content…

This article provides some insight about the lives of each victim who passed away in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School shooting. The awful tragedy occurred on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018. Among the victims mentioned there were fourteen high school students who were between the age of 14-18 and three men who were deemed as heroes for attempting to stop the shooter and protect students. All the students mentioned were characterized to be joyful and caring people who had a bright future ahead of themselves. This article provides testimonies of family members, friends, and even neighbors who where familiar with any of the victims. It is obvious that the whole community was affected by this tragedy. This article however, does not mention anything about the exact successions that

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