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  • Importance Of Teachers Teacher

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    quality education to be attained there is need for teachers and students to be alive for their responsibilities of teaching and learning in schools, especially schools in rural areas. Teachers are important instrument in teaching and learning, they are also the pivot on which the educational process

  • Teacher As A Teacher Essay

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    Teachers have been in existence for thousands of years, influencing the lives of countless people. A teacher as “a person who teaches” and teaching as “giving systematic information to a person or about a subject or skill.” Yet, these definitions do not sufficiently explain the true role of a teacher. Clearly, a teacher provides information and imparts knowledge to his or her students. A teacher, however, is more than an instructor; a teacher is a motivator, a counsellor, and an ally. Teacher may

  • Teacher As An Effective Teacher

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    A teacher is a role model and one of the most important influences in a child’s life besides their parents/guardians, especially in primary years. Moreover, the teacher provides the essential tools for life to prepare a child for a successful future. While teachers help students to learn such as how to read and write, I believe that being a teacher is more than just a facilitator of learning, a teacher must care about the overall well-being of each and every single one of their students. An effective

  • Teachers Roles: Teachers And The Role Of Teachers

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    ROLE OF TEACHERS AS FACILITATORS AND MENTORS. Dr Pooja Ramchandani, Assistant Professor At HR College.  INTRODUCTION : The role of teacher is changing due smart and active learning methodologies. Nowadays, teachers act as a facilitator in learning. Due to innovations in education, teaching and learning are being modified . Today, their role as educators in the 21st century has evolved and they are no longer the source of all knowledge in the classroom; rather they are the educators that inspire

  • Teacher As A Future Teacher

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    As a future teacher, I would look into the aspects of many things. For example, why school and education is important, how the teacher plays such an important role in education, my personal beliefs on how students learn, and what I, as a future teacher, believe is the most important thing in learning and how teachers are able to influence change. The one priority in which I would look at is explaining the purpose of school and education. As a teacher, it’s important to explain the purpose of these

  • Teacher Commitment On Teachers

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    Impact of Teacher Commitment on Teacher Freezing of Secondary School Teacher ABSTRACT The present paper aims to find the relation between teacher commitment and teacher freezing in order to enhance teacher effectiveness. It also determines the effect of teacher commitment and stream on the teacher freezing of secondary school teachers of Himachal Pradesh. Teacher Freezing Scale (TFS) developed by Haseen Taj (1998) and Teacher Commitment Scale (TCS) by Dr. T. Pradeep Kumar (2012) were administered

  • What Is The Importance Of Teacher As A Teacher

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    appropriately qualified and adequate in number. Teacher qualification tends to have positive effect on achievement of mathematics among primary school learners:HesehuSaha and Noonan (1978).A teacher with good qualification, appropriate training, and experience is the highest asseta school can have. A good mathematics teacher motivates, encourages, and checks, learners’ work to enhance high standards in the subject. The social characteristics of the teacher do have an influence in the learners’ learning

  • My Reflection Of Teacher As A Teacher

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    writings, discussions on seminal articles in the field, sharing experiences with classmates who were teachers of English and finally conducting a research project. Throughout this 14 weeks of intense course, I enriched my knowledge on TPD. Besides, I also detected some TPD practices that I had been doing intuitively and I renew my knowledge on TPD. This course caused some changes in my perception of teacher and TPD. Although I had always been trying to search my classes to detect any deficiencies in my

  • Reflective Teacher In The English Teacher

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    THE ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY & TEACHER IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING Abstract: The present paper attempts to examine the various roles English teachers play, e.g. learning, unlearning and relearning. Similarly, the teacher’s role extends beyond the classroom. The paper tries to define a reflective teacher, who is capable of monitoring, critiquing and defending their actions in planning, implementing and evaluating language programs. It also suggests some measures to make English teaching effective.

  • Teacher Vs Montessori Teacher

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    Both Montessori and traditional education teachers have many important roles. While both are primarily concerned with the education of the child, the most apparent difference is in their teaching method. In regular education, teaching is more teacher-directed than child-led. The teacher usually follows a sequence of skills given to them by their administration that must be completed on a timeline. From this, the teacher may be allowed to format their own lessons or may have to follow what they are

  • Teacher Sativation

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    Some research findings support the notion that teachers give more importance to intrinsic satisfiers, while there are others who believe that teachers derive satisfaction with both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. The description of job satisfaction is not just what the workers have about their job, but according to Deci and Ryan (2001), an excellent response to a work that outcomes from the comparison of incumbent of real results with those that are wished (Deci and Ryan, 2001). Discussion

  • Passion For Teacher

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    My drive to become a Communication Studies teacher was sparked when I was a sophomore in high school. In my high school, everyone was required to take one semester of Speech class in order to graduate. My teacher was just another English teacher in the school and she did not approach Speech with the same enthusiasm as she did literature- which was disheartening because I was more than excited to be in this class. Speech was unlike anything I had ever taken, of course I had done class presentations

  • Effective Teacher

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    effectiveness in terms of student achievement. Cruickshank and Haefele (2001) noted that good teachers at various times have been called ideal, analytical, dutiful, competent, effective, satisfying, responsive and respected. Effective teachers do have an extraordinary and lasting impact on the lives of the students. As a student and prospective teacher I believe that a good and effective social studies teacher possesses essential qualities such as; command over subject area, strong control over classroom

  • Reflection For Teachers

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    the school board that will help teachers, coming in one hour early and staying one hour late to prepare their lesson for the next day and if a student needs extra help the time is available for the student to receive the help. The second innovation will be to provide teachers with mentors to help assistance in their grade level that they will be teaching. Thirdly, to make sure that teachers receive the resources that is needed to help them to be successful teachers. In a pre-k -12 grade institution

  • Teacher Reflection

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    For the first week of teaching at Ps 200 I had the job of being the assessor. My job consisted of grading the students off a pre-established rubric set by the lead teacher Niko. The students were graded on a scale of 1-4,1 being needs the most improvement in the skill area,or 4 being the student has mastered the skill. As the assessor I am grading the students in three different categories, Cognitive(the students’ mental understanding of the skill ),Affective(how well the students interact with and

  • Teacher Evaluation

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    Abstract In most educational programs, a substantial proportion of teacher and student time is devoted to activities which involve evaluation for the teacher by peer group and student products. This paper deals to shows various evaluation process of exacting attention is given to outcomes concerning learning and teaching strategies, motivation, and achievement. Where possible, mechanisms are suggested that could account for the reported effects. The conclusions derived from the teaching fields are

  • True Teacher Or Untrue Teacher Analysis

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    True Teacher or Untrue Teacher? A teacher should be an example for the students and society. It is like a saying “Ing ngarsa sung tuladha, ing madya mangun karsa, tut wuri handayani.” It is created by Ki Hajar Dewantara, a figure of education in Indonesia. The meaning of that saying is in the front, a teacher must give a good example and attitude for the students; in the middle or between the students, a teacher must be creative to create a new idea; and from the back, a teacher should be able to

  • The Importance Of Teacher Training And Teacher Education

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    Teacher training and teacher education has attracted considerable attention during the last two decades. In fact the idea that teachers can play a leading role in the quality of L2 learning has always been important, i.e. improving teachers’ skills can exert a large positive influence on the progress rate of English learners. Recent research especially suggests that there has been growing recognition of teachers as the most important criteria in studentsoverall achievement (Carey, 2004; Haycock,1998)

  • Teacher Reflection

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    collective teacher efficacy and teacher commitment can increase teaching effectiveness. An outcome of collective efficacy is the concept of collective responsibility (Angelle, Nixon, Norton, & Niles, 2011). Collective responsibility is a collegial accountability where teachers share obligations for both teacher and student learning (Angelle, et al., 2011). Teachers’ high level collective efficacy increases their capacity to carry out instructional functions beyond standards. Teachers who collectively

  • A Successful Teacher

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    Every experienced teacher, once started as a beginning teacher. Beginning teachers are regarded as the brand new asset to the profession. Beginning teachers need to invest more effort to become a successful teacher. For example, I will seek feedbacks from my senior teachers on my lesson plans and teaching styles and improvise myself from it. When I start teaching as a beginning teacher, I will firstly focus on the key attributes, “Every student, an Engaged Learner” and “Every teacher, a Caring Educator”