Argumentative Essay: Do Teachers Pay More Teachers?

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Many of the teachers we have now are less than interested in their job, and it shines through. It is exceptional noticeable that they would rather be anywhere other than that classroom, and be around these students. When teachers have this attitude, and take it to the classroom everyday, it takes a toll on the students academically. It harms them because they are not getting the best education provided. Teachers have little to no motivation to help their students excel academically. They go into their classroom, ramble off their lecture, and then leave. When teachers are not active in a students life, it harms the students. Schools try multiple different ways to get teachers involved, and nothing changes in the classroom. If a teachers pay …show more content…

If their paychecks were based off of their students success in their classes, their entire attitudes would change. They would take their job more seriously, and have some motivation to do their job the thorough way students need. “Many performance based pay systems include components which allow principals to terminate teachers who continuously fail to meet goals and objectives. Most teacher unions adamantly opposed performance based pay because of this element. Standard teacher contracts make it difficult to terminate employment, but a performance based pay contract makes it easier to remove a bad teacher. Teachers who are unable to get the job done are replaced by another teacher who may be able to get things on track” (Thought Co.) Others agree that if teachers were held to a higher standard, and had something held against them, they would want to be more involved. Having proof that a teacher is incapable of teaching students everything they need too, they will be able to weed out the bad teachers. Giving teachers an incentive to get it together, and start teaching their students to the fullest extent should be implemented in more schools. Students will be more successful in their studies, and overall become more successful in school. A big chunk of teachers need some sort of incentive so they can teach their students better. On the other hand, some teachers love what they do, and they should get more recognition for

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