Persuasive Essay On Teachers Pay

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Many of the teachers we have now are less than interested in their job, and it shines through. It is exceptional noticeable that they would rather be anywhere other than that classroom, and be around these students. When teachers have this attitude, and take it to the classroom everyday, it takes a toll on the students academically. It harms them because they are not getting the best education provided. Teachers have little to no motivation to help their students excel academically. They go into their classroom, ramble off their lecture, and then leave. When teachers are not active in a students life, it harms the students. Schools try multiple different ways to get teachers involved, and nothing changes in the classroom. If a teachers pay was threatened, they would more than likely transform because they have something at stake. Performance pay was introduced in a few schools. It is supposed to be a motive for teachers to get more involved with their teachings so their students get better grades on tests, and quizzes. Teachers would care a lot more about how their students are doing in their classes if their paychecks were based off of how successful their students were doing. Although, there are teachers who enjoy what they do, and take an active role in their students life should get paid based off of how their classes are going. Great teachers should get the recognition they deserve and earned. Teachers should be paid off how their students are doing in their classes. If
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