Students Should Not Be Paid For Good Grades Essay

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“Kids should be satisfied with the warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment.” Is this possible when being paid for good grades? When paid for good grades, students are no longer learning for a better future, but rather just for the reward of money. If the purpose of school is to educate, does the prize of cash take that away? From students feeling not needed pressure, to taking away the natural motivation to learn, to not remembering the material presented, students should not be paid for good grades. First of all, students should not be paid for good grades due to not needed pressure. The NEA claims : many teachers say, “Paying students for good grades leads to practical problems in their classrooms, including pressure to inflate grades and conflict with students and parents.” This means students are more likely to be in bad moods and have bad relationships with parents and classmates. If some kids get money and the rest don’t, arguments will break out. In a classroom, students are supposed to be respectful to each other in order to have and efficient working environment. The effect of this is, students will be stressed and annoyed or angry with them, if unable to raise test scores. To sum up, students will feel not needed pressure. …show more content…

When considering the choice of paying students for good grades and not paying students for good grades, the choice should definitely be, students should not be paid for good grades. Paying students for good grades may start off their youth incorrectly. Instead of focusing on getting an education, the reward of money is likely to block their priorities. Students will be angry when not given the money, and not being able to raise test scores or grades. In order for a bright and successful future, students should not be paid for good

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