Essay On Should College Athletes Be Paid

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Should college athletes be paid when they play. In my opinion I believe that they should be paid because playing a sport could be counted as work, or labor. Also offering cash compensation could draw in other athletes from other rival schools. However paying athletes could also lead to playing sports for money instead of for fun or the goal of getting to the next level.

There are many reasons why college athletes should be paid, for example being paid could not only grow their image and brand, but it could also help them pay for things like student loans, a car, and food. There are many ways that schools could make paying athletes fit into their budget as well. College athletes could be paid minimum wage of twenty five thousand dollars every year that they play. This would get their brand started as well as helping them pay for essential things. Facilities are also essential to train in however there doesn't need to be a new large lavish facility every few years, like how some schools are spreading their money. Paying athletes could level out the schools want to spend millions of dollars on a new facility that they don't need. Paying athletes and cutting back on building new facilities every year would cost less than building new …show more content…

If athletes were paid then the cycle could be broken. Athletes could get paid for their labor while still making the school more well known thus creating a new and better cycle. Another reason why schools should pay athletes is because that's what the students also want. According to Abigail (abigail,2019) Many students have expressed that paying athletes would benefit the school by growing its image. Also paying athletes could draw in the best players in the country like the major sports leagues do. Drawing in the best athletes is the goal so why not give them a reason to join your school such as cash

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