Essay Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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College athletes are known as some of the toughest workers because they must balance their commitment to their sport with their responsibilities in school. College athletes already experience a lot of stress because of this. However, when financial difficulties are added, college athletes want to give up everything. College athletes deserve to be paid. This is because colleges receive large sums of money from their players, who can earn the institution millions, particularly if they become household names in their sports. Another valid reason college athletes deserve pay is because of the numerous expenses that are not covered by sports scholarships.
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This is another valid claim for why College athletes should be paid. The average scholarship is close to $18,000, which does not cover all of the expenses of attending a private school or out-of-state tuition and fees at the majority of public educational facilities. In other words, the majority of collegiate athletes on scholarships don't get a free ride (Drozdowski [#1]). Also, the average $18,000 scholarship, according to the U.S. News & World Report, is less than the typical out-of-state tuition and fee cost at public colleges. College athletes frequently have to pay for their own rooms, meals, books, and living expenses (Should [#2]). In addition to this, other expenses like insurance, paid travels home for holidays, and other family situations are not provided to college athletes (Eitzen [#3]). This evidence supports the idea that college athletes should be paid so the extra costs not covered by scholarships don't affect their ability to compete in the future. College athletes’ scholarships are supposed to give them an opportunity for education and sports. However, with the additional expenses that come with college, paying those expenses off while playing a sport while doing school is too much for one person to handle. This gives another good reason for why College athletes should be paid (Whitlock [#5]). Since Colleges come with additional expenses not covered by a scholarship, it only makes sense for these athletes to get paid so they have a way to pay these

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