Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Paying College Athletes There are several reasons why college athletes should receive a form of payment. The athletes always seem to be practicing, which means that they are almost always busy, leaving little time for anything else. Additionally, they have to go to their classes and study in order to participate in that particular sport. In contrast, giving the athletes money could potentially be a bad idea. Some athletes might receive more because their sport may generate more money. Student athletes should be paid because they have a multitude of practices and games, which leaves little time for their jobs and studies. The NCAA has several rules for student athletes to follow. For instance, they cannot accept money over the counter for articles like autographs and pictures. Todd Gurley, a running back from the university of Georgia, was suspended from play because he accepted money for an autographed memorabilia of him. Also, the NCAA makes an enormous amount of money a year because of college athletics. They make the most money off of marketing, broadcast contracts, merchandising, and tickets. The March Madness Tournament alone produces more than $1 billion dollars. Overall the profit is way more than the Super …show more content…

It could be a very beneficial aspect of their college careers. Since they do not have much time to do anything but practice, play, and study, this “payment” would be very helpful in ways that could pay off necessary items. These athletes should be paid because there is little time for them to get a job and study with all the practices and games that they must partake in. If athletes did get paid, there could potentially be some disagreements over how much each individual receives. But, all that can avoided by paying each athletes a small amount to start out with. This payment will be very beneficial, and the athletes would not abuse this awesome

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