Analysis: Should College Athletes Be Paid

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Should College Athletes Be Paid Regge D. Dayton Madison High School Intro How would you feel if college students were being paid to play sports at a collegiate level? Many people feel it is the right thing to do because of all of the work they put into the game. While others feel these athletes are already being rewarded enough with others things that they are given. College athletes make their school a lot of money, bring a lot of attention and entertainment to the world while putting a lot of effort into the sport, but these athletes are given scholarships along with other things; Therefore these college athletes should not be paid for playing collegiate sports. Time and Effort Some people think college athletes should be paid for playing collegiate sports because of all the time and effort they put into the sport. All of these athletes have to be to practice everyday. This takes time out of their day that they could be using to study, do homework, or even just enjoying time with friends. This makes time in the classroom harder for them than any other student involved with schooling. For example, what if an athlete had a game the day before a test; how are they going to study? Although the teacher might give them days to make up their work, it is still …show more content…

Besides, it is too hard to find a fair way to pay these athletes and they are practically being paid through the scholarships they receive. Which gives them a great education for free while playing the sport they grew up loving. Not to mention, there is something about watching young people play a game and try their hardest to be the best they can be, without having the influence of money to drive them. With all of these things considered, college athletes should not be paid to play college

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