Should College Athletes Get Paid Essay

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College Athletes Should Get Paid

David Young
Northwest Christian High School
English 7-8
Dr. Yoder
February 25, 2022

College athletes have been taken advantage of for what they can do athletically, and they are being used for others’ gain. College athletes deserve to be paid for their hard work and the entertainment they provide. Others, however, would argue that they are already being paid and do not deserve anymore pay. There are plenty of Bible verses that support that reward comes with hard work. Without a doubt, athletes have earned the right to pay to support themselves and their families.

College Athletes Should Get Paid
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The NCAA does not require any school to pay for an athlete's sports related injury, and it comes out of the pockets of the athletes (NCPA, 2008). This is unfair for the athletes because they got injured for participating in their sport activity. The universities could strip them away from their scholarship because of an injury and they would still have to pay for medical attention. Student athletes do not get workers compensation like everyone else, they just lose money and sometimes their source to pay for college. The NCAA has taken the term student athlete and flipped it around, and they have highly encouraged students to be athletes first and students second (Porto, 2008). The athletes are expected to show off their talents whenever they are called upon, and put their whole focus on their sport they are playing. This is exactly why they deserve to be paid because of their dedication they have put into their game, and how they have been expected to drop their future academic careers for their now athletic careers. The NCAA has put huge expectations on athletes, yet they have not provided the athletes with protective resources for their dedication, like medical …show more content…

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